Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Have a Right To Be Unemployed

It seems that ambitious students wishing to acquire useful job skills and a chance at future employment are being deprived of their right to the pursuit of happiness. This is all thanks to Obama the Superzero, as he ruled from the Ratcave, by banning college internships in the free market, as reported this week.

Aside from Obama's extreme hatred for the free market and agenda to destroy the nation, it is apparent that if Obama ever held a real job or even an internship, he would understand the value of what his ban entails.

Being a self-proclaimed academic, Obama cannot grasp the concept of real life experience because he has none. For those of us that work in the real world, we know that not everything is learned in school out of a textbook.

I can attest to this from personal experience, as the student and as a manager. I personally had an internship when I was in college in my field of study, making a pittance of a salary, but it wasn't about the money. My purpose was to learn something and obtain real life experience in my field. I gained something more valuable than a few bucks. It made me more valuable to potential employers upon graduation. Employers that are in the business to make a profit prefer hiring employees that will add value to the business, and an internship demonstrated my ambition to those employers making me more employable.

When I had the opportunity, I have hired interns for the purpose of providing students with experience in the real world and some job skills that they might find useful after graduation. Some have contacted me after they started their careers, thanking me for the experience, as they came to realize the value of the internship. I am sure that they will do the same for someone else when they have the opportunity.

Employers that make a profit are comprised by people who drive that great engine towards success. The people are the heart and soul of a successful company. Companies that make a profit are not evil, they are the backbone of the nation and provide employment to millions.

Obama however demonizes companies that exist to make a profit, as he favors non-profit organizations. Of course non-profit organizations serve a purpose, but a student should not be penalized if that is not their choice of employment.

America is a nation of individuals. This is a venomous concept for the statist, who does not value the individual, so anything that encourages an individual to exercise their right to pursue happiness as a individual is despised.

The statist wants to make everyone the same, and proceeds to achieve this by depriving everyone of individual freedom. If two individuals are free and one is ambitious and one isn't, the ambitious one will achieve something and the lazy one will achieve nothing. The statist thinks this isn't fair for the lazy person to have nothing, despite having not extended any effort for anything.

In communist regimes, one of the tactics to subdue the people is to remove incentives, so that a person's efforts will be pointless as one cannot achieve anything more than the state allows. By Obama banning college internships, he is using the same tactics. The end result will be a future generation of lazy unemployed citizens with no job skills who will pursue nothing as they will not see any benefit to their efforts. It will be devastating.

I hope the great companies in this nation provide internships and opportunities to tomorrow's students and ignore this unconstitutional ban on depriving these students of their right to pursue their own happiness. Otherwise, all you will have is a right to be unemployed.

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