Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama Insecurities: The Right to Bare Arms

The Preamble to the Constitution declares it's purpose, which includes to provide for the national defense. Maintaining our security and our arsenal so that the nation is always prepared for our defense should be the top priority. After all, if we don't exist, there is no freedom or people to protect. Obama has rejected this responsibility, as he plans to make us insecure and leave us without arms.

This is coming to fruition as Obama announced his plan to reduce our nuclear weapons. The "road to zero" will really result in the US being reduced down to nothing.

Of course, if Obama were truly a constitutional scholar, he would be honoring his oath to uphold the constitution instead of putting the nation in danger.

But let's not rely on hearsay. Let's hear it in his own words. If we translate this video from Obamanomics, what Obama really says is that he will cut spending to save money at a cost of American lives and safety, breach his oath to uphold the constitution, and implement every policy possible that is designed to weaken the nation enabling our enemies to destroy us.

Obama lives a life of delusion and his policies will backfire. This is the hunter vs the hunted and he is turning us into prey. Our enemies will not retreat and go in search of other prey. Instead, our enemies will be beefing up their arsenals. Just like a wild animal on the hunt for food, our enemies will wait patiently until we are our most vulnerable, in order to launch their attack and move in for the kill. Our enemies' goal is not to maim us, it is for our destruction.

Out of all the polices implemented by Obama to date, this is by far the most dangerous and the biggest threat to our nation's security, to such an extent that such policies qualify him to be considered a domestic enemy committing a crime of treason against the nation.

As Commander-in-Chief, there is an obligation to protect and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Obama should not be implementing polices that will leave us insecure, unprotected, unarmed, and without defense. Our arsenal should not be bare! It seems that Obama needs to read the Constitution, and learn that it says the right to bear arms not bare arms.

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