Saturday, April 24, 2010

Illegal Aliens in the Crossfire of Arizona and DC

Once again, Obama needs to read the Constitution. Yes, THAT document which he took an oath to uphold. Obama seems to intentionally breach his oath, as no one can be this clueless as to what it contains.

Arizona has an immigration bill which is intended to crack down on the infiltration of illegal immigrants spilling over the Mexican border. This is a huge problem in Arizona and needs to be addressed.

Obama sees this as a threat to his plan to destroy America and making it a socialist regime, as Arizona's crackdown would mean less people in America getting government handouts. Illegal aliens will tip the scales of the electorate. This is why Obama wants amnesty for illegal aliens, so that more people reliant on government will further erode our economy and drain on the producers of society, bringing us that much closer to a police state.

Obama seems to forget that he is elected by the US citizens, and he is there to serve us, not the illegal immigrants.

The Constitution starts off with "we the people of the United States". So the Constitutional rights apply to us, not to foreigners who illegally entered our country. Hence our Constitutional civil rights apply to US citizens, not citizens of the world.

Then there is the 10th amendment which Obama seems to completely ignore. It is Arizona's right to create such a law for the residents of Arizona. The federal government does not have the power to override the state's sovereignty.

On a side note, I also came across this tidbit on Sharpton. Only Al Sharpton would try to spin enforcing illegal immigration as racial profiling.

Sharpton is wrong on this as racial profiling. He is also wrong on illegals taking jobs away from ALL Americans. I am sure that the 26 million who are unemployed would like a chance to hold one of the jobs held by illegal aliens.

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