Monday, March 28, 2011

Economic Terrorist Plans Attack on USA

It is common knowledge that George Soros worked on the side of the Nazis, aiding and abetting to transport his fellow Jews to the concentration camps. He was a young man then, but to this day claims to have no regrets or shown any remorse.  It is revolting that so many people today even give him so much as an ounce of respect. This man is a Nazi war criminal, an accomplice to countless mass murders, and yet he walks freely among us having never been held accountable for his crimes.

In addition to these horrific heinous crimes against humanity, he also subsequently stole the possessions of the victims he helped transport. This is actually where Soros got his start in building his financial conglomerate. It wasn't from hard work, ingenuity, or the sweat of his own brow. Nope. He stole it. It is blood money. The man is pure evil. It is repulsive that anyone would do business with him, accept donations, or even associate with him.

I don't know how he was even allowed to enter the United States. The only justifiable reason should have been to lock him up, throw away the key, and give him a good sturdy noose for his cell.

Soros hates capitalism, freedom, America and all She represents. So it is no surprise that he is plotting an attack on the US for the sole purpose of destroying the nation. No, he isn't carrying bombs in his underwear. He is America's first economic terrorist, planning to destroy America from within by stealth, and yet at the same time, right out in the open.

"Reorganizing the world order will need to extend beyond the financial system and involve the United Nations, especially membership of the Security Council.....That process needs to be initiated by the US, but China and other developing countries ought to participate as equals.
His plot is to re-engineer the global economy, with the United States as the first target of his attack in his grand theft of the nation's wealth. It is all part of his goal to create a new world order and reduce all nations, the US included, to be third world nations, enslaving all people and making everyone his minions. It is isn't just the economy he wants to destroy, but the nation as a whole.

Why isn't this being reported on the news? The news embraces such lies as reporting patriots deemed to be "domestic terrorists" by Napolitano.  Yet here we have an actual domestic terrorist, and it is being ignored. Why aren't they shouting this from the rooftops and demanding that his assets be frozen, just as other terrorists?

When Soros has his conference on April 8th, him and all his accomplices will conveniently be in one place. They should be rounded up and transported to Gitmo with all the other terrorists, tried for treason, and left there to rot. Or we could provide them with a lovely parting gift of their very own personal noose. For traitors like this, it is time to bring back the hanging.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Criminals Protest To Retain The Ability to Steal

England has a long history, and today marks a day for the history books, as thousands of thieves took to the streets in a massive protest to demand their "rights" which they believe the government has taken from them. On the surface, a protest to fight one being denied of one's rights sounds so legitimate. However, when anyone looks beyond the surface, they can see the crime for what it is.

While the protesters have been committing their crimes for years without ever being charged or held accountable, the government itself is also a den of thieves, and serves as an enabler for their accomplices, the protesters.

Truthfully, much like the US government, the British government has also been stealing from the people for decades, stuffing their own pockets and doling out the loot to the lazy sloths collecting welfare. Now that the governments have stolen so much from the people and racked up so much in deficits, they have literally looted the people of all that can be stolen.

They have already taxed all that can be taxed. There are no more morsels to steal. The gravy train has made it's last stop. They cannot get blood from a stone.

Now they are like cornered rats fighting for their own survival. They have already shared the final loot, so their only possible course of action is to tell their accomplices that there is no more.

So what is the reaction of the criminals? A protest, of course.

It is amazing that the freeloaders are protesting that the government is cutting off their welfare. Apparently the freeloaders think they have an entitlement and right to steal from others. It is about time the looters were cut off. Time for them to start producing and taking responsibility for themselves, and stop thinking it is other people's obligation to feed, house, and clothe them.

While it is a nice wish, I wouldn't count on the thieves having an epiphany and suddenly deciding to go forth and earn their own keep. This is not only going to continue, but it is going to get worse. This is not going to be an isolated incident, nor one that occurs only in England. Americans should be taking note as this is a sure premonition of future protests on our side of the pond. The signs are all there and America is on the same path.

The Obama administration has quadrupled the deficit in just 2 years, and continues his astronomical spending at warp speed with no sign of stopping.  The 47% of the American population that doesn't pay any taxes is a grotesque statistic. This is huge, as this represents almost half of the population that expects to be the recipient of the government's loot that it stole from the other working half. The working half is getting squeezed down to the bone, and is on the brink of  having no more to steal.

States like Wisconsin have already fallen over the edge and taken action to end the distribution of loot to the local gang of thieves. Just like the British thieves, the American thieves rallied their gang, and all the union thugs came out in protest of their welfare and freebies being cutoff.

The other states are going to have no choice but to follow in Wisconsin's footsteps, as state by state  bankruptcy looms like a dark cloud and states try to close the gap in their deficits.

What will be the reaction of the people? Will the thieves come to their senses? No.

With one half of the population pinned against the other, it will be like the childhood game of cops and robbers, except it is not a game. In case you haven't figured it out, the government will be on the side of the robbers with all the other criminals. While the tea partiers are protesting the government spending and theft from the people, the thieves will be protesting their delusional belief that they have a right to steal.  How will the game end? Civil unrest will ensue.