Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your Right to a Good Brew

An excerpt from the Declaration of Independence declares it our right and our duty to address government abuses. Yesterday, patriots exercised their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble to redress our grievances. Tea parties were held across the nation since it is our right to have a good brew! NYC was no exception.

Teaparty365 is the local NYC tea party and was the organizer for this event. I have their link included on my blog list. If you are not in NYC, you can also find a tea party near you by going to the Tea Party Patriots website.

NYC is a big place. So in order to get more visibility and bring attention to the issues, Teaparty365 organized the first anniversary tea party event with three stops. They also had literature with key points available to hand out. We hope this educates people on the facts, rather than what the MSM reports and wants you to believe.

We started off the day with our first stop at City Hall. Despite having a blizzard the prior day with 2 feet of snow, we had a good sized crowd. I estimate there were about 60 people there, but some people came to each location, so it may be more. There were some tourists as well as locals passing through City Hall Park, but I think it was less than normal due to the weather.

After about an hour, as a group we took the subway uptown to our second stop, Senator Gillibrand's office in midtown on Third Avenue. Midtown has a lot more traffic and people walking around which we used to our advantage. The crowd was now more energized, and shouted some good chants, such as "listen to the voters or we will vote you out" and "hands off healthcare".

After another hour, we walked one block to Senator Schumers's office. Conveniently, his office is right in front of a bus stop. The tea partiers took advantage of this too by waving our signs and chanting things like "chuck, Chuck" and "Schumer's gotta go".

We certainly drew attention to ourselves and our cause. Of course, there are some that shake their heads and laugh, for which no facts presented will ever be acknowledged. However, there were others that looked at our signs and listened. Some even joined us and a few stopped to ask questions.

Of course, a rally wouldn't be complete without NYC cops. They did stop to see what we were doing. They spoke to Kellen to ask if we needed any security. Being that tea partiers are a peaceful crowd, not the angry mob as implied by the likes of Pelosi, we did not need any police assistance. They joked with me that I looked dangerous, to which I informed them that yes, I was dangerous because I believe in the US Constitution. They laughed, pulled away, and parked their cruiser across the street, just in case, and stayed there until we left.

We stayed in front of Schumer's office for an hour. By then, we had all worked up a good appetite. To quote David Webb, "we stimulated the economy by heading to O'Neil's for lunch". Lunch with our fellow tea party patriots, some old friends, some new, was a great way to end the rally. Cheers to a good brew!

Below are some pictures from our event.

Old Glory and the Gadsden Flag lead the way.

The Co-Directors of Teaparty365 gave brief speeches and thanked us for coming.

David Webb of Teaparty365.

Kellen Guida of Teaparty365.

A close up of some of the crowd.

The crowd stretched all down Third Avenue since we are not allowed to block the sidewalks.

Some of the tea partiers were wearing some great buttons.

Here is a sampling of some of the signs.

This sign had a list of a sampling of taxes that we pay. I know you can't see the details so well, but this tea partier is making a valid point at how we are taxed enough already in everything we do.

Other tea partiers had some creative signs with great messages.

You can find more pictures here.
Urban Infidel: New York City Tea Party One Year Anniversary 2010#links#links

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brewing Resentments

To quote the Declaration of Independence:
"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

This was result of the colonists rising up, realizing it was necessary to do so, and would be necessary from time to time. Three years prior to the Declaration, the people did just that. On December 16, 1773, about 50 colonists held the Boston Tea Party. A small group, but upon reflection, not insignificant, proving a few can accomplish a lot.

We all know that America's first tea party stemmed from brewing resentment "boiling over". Last year, just 236 years later, the "second" tea party was held, spurred on by the increased government spending, the bailouts, and the stimulus. The people knew they would have to pay for this eventually, so the modern "TEA" party was not only symbolic to our history, but served as an acronym for "taxed enough already". I think most people will agree, that resentment was brewing amongst we the people for quite some time, but the government finally went too far.

The government of course was caught off guard, otherwise they wouldn't have gone too far in the first place. They thought the people were complacent, and maybe there is truth in that. Because of it, they never expected the people to rise up. They thought it was a small passing inconvenience. So they reacted and it wasn't good. They tried to dismiss the uprising. Of course, the MSM jumped on the bandwagon with the government. Collectively, they called the tea partiers names such as Nazi's, dissenters, unpatriotic, AstroTurf, a threat to national security, and a demeaning label of "teabaggers" which is apparently a sexual slur. They insulted those who finally stood up to declare they'd had enough, who wanted the Republic to be restored. The people's reaction to the government's insults and dismissiveness did not cause the people to settle down to a simmer. On the contrary, it only further ignited the nation, increasing the brewing resentment, and causing the pot to boil over. Instead of people growing silent, they only got louder, planning more tea parties, resulting in the numbers in attendance increasing as 2009 unfolded as people because informed about the movement. The movement didn't die. It got bigger. The momentum gathered steam as people got more and more steamed at being ignored. To say the least, the government underestimated the people in a huge way. What a mistake!

Today marks the one year anniversary of America's second tea party. I can still remember seeing Rick Santelli's video on youtube, asking "President Obama, are you listening?". One year later, after so many tea parties across the nation, we still find that no one is listening. So, we are standing up again. There are tea parties today across the nation today, and more planned for tax day April 15th, Independence Day in July, and another march on washington on 9/12.

Last year there were 2 million that showed up for the 9/12 march. Imagine how many will be there this year, as the brewing resentment grows. We will not be silenced. We are patriots. We treasure our freedom. We will not be ignored. The fire ignited by our founding fathers still burns. And so I will doing my patriotic duty today and attending a tea party. As the founders declared, it is my right, it is my duty.

I will post a summary of the 2/27/10 tea party. In the meantime, here are exhibit photos from the Boston Tea Party in the Smithsonian.

Friday, February 26, 2010

No, the Doctor Won't See You Now

Today it was reported on the news that some doctors are no longer accepting medicare and/or new patients. Are the doctors reacting to yesterday's healthcare "summit"? Is this an indication of what lies in store for the future of our medical care?

As it is now, between all private insurance companies and medicare, medicare actually ranks the highest in denials of treatment and medical care. The DEMs don't tell you that. They allege that citizens are being denied medical care by the "big bad" insurance companies and that this is their reason for justifying a government takeover of healthcare. The DEMs don't admit that the government plan is the leader in denying care to citizens.

The same story holds true for medicaid. I have a friend (who I will call "Pat") who is unemployed and qualifies for medicaid. Pat has an ailment which needs treatment and is actually treatable. If it were me, it would be covered by my private health insurance. But Pat is on medicaid and therefore cannot get a doctor to provide treatment. When Pat contacts a doctor's office, inquiring if the doctor treats this ailment, the answer is yes. When Pat inquires if the doctor takes medicaid, the doctor answers no. So Pat remains without treatment due to the inability to get an appointment. In addition, just to leave no stone unturned, Pat contacted the medicaid office to inquire about doctors that do take medicaid, in order to then just pick one to make an appointment. The medicaid office did not have any such list. Ah, but my friend is "covered", right? Isn't that great?

So where does this leave us? As it is now, prior to a government takeover of healthcare, current medicare and medicaid patients technically have "coverage", but they can't get treatment or can't find a doctor to see them. What is the point of technically having coverage on paper if one can't get an appointment and treatment?

For all those who think that socialized healthcare works and point to Canada as an example, perhaps they should reconsider. Recently a Canadian government official came to the US for surgery that he needed, saying it wasn't available in Canada. Critics of course said this was not true. Perhaps the surgery COULD be done in Canada, but no one was actually willing to do it?

Is Canadian healthcare the utopia of socialized medicine? Or is the truth ugly once you remove the shiny wrapping? I invite you to view this video, in which Steven Crowder of PJTV went undercover in Canada to see if "free" socialized medicine is really all that it's supporters propose it to be. I know the video is a bit long, but it is worth watching.

The video is telling isn't it? Will the system that ails Canada be brought to the USA?

While Canada is only an example, socialized medicine doesn't work in Europe either. The taxes for these nations are at exorbitant amounts to cover the cost, but the people are not getting the value for their money. And yet they still want to force this upon Americans. We will be expected to pay 2.3 Trillion dollars for "free" medical care that we can't actually use?

While the DEMS love to prey upon people's emotions, using stories of re-using a deceased person's teeth, I can give you some real examples of stories I have read and from people that I know.

- In Britain, expectant mothers are not always admitted to the hospital. Some are sent home or forced to remain in the parking lot. Some have delivered in the waiting room or reception area because they cannot wait anymore.
- A Brit's father had a stroke. In the USA, therapy would have been given afterwards, to assist in the fullest recovery as possible. However, because of the man's age, he was denied. Now he cannot do anything for himself. But he is "covered", right?
- A Swiss friend wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor. The Swiss was told that they thought they had cancer and to come back in six months for an assessment. I was shocked at this, However, the Swiss just accepted that and waited, telling me "that is how it is". Not that an American doctor would ever do this, but if that were to happen in the states, any American would probably report that doctor to the AMA, and make an appointment with someone else. We would not wait.

Those with socialized medicine pay the price in more ways than one. Not only do they have higher taxes, but they accept not getting treatment when they need it. I am certain that Americans on the other hand will not settle.

Yesterday's "show" had some scary unsavory characters, played by the DEMs who are the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of healthcare. Denial is the ugly face of government healthcare that they don't want you to see. It is time they remove the mask and show who they really are and what their horrible plans actually entail. If and when they win this battle, inflicting socialized medicine upon us so we all have "coverage" on paper, will we hear, "no, the doctor won't see you now?" Or ever, for that matter?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Whitehouse Calculator Needs a New Battery

As expected, the healthcare summit was nothing more than a pacifier for the GOP. Nothing was accomplished. One can hardly even call it a debate.

The attitude of Obama and the DEMs was deplorable. At one point, the DEMs were taking up twice as much time, for which the GOP challenged Obama who responded with "because I am the President". Their self-admiration is narcissistic and has blinded them to the will of the people. This is despite the fact that the GOP reminded them that the GOP talking points were that of the governed not that of the GOP. It is supposed to be about we the people, but they forget that. The townhalls, protests, tea parties, and rallies nationwide for the last year are a clear indication that the current bills are not what the people want, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

As the summit proceeded, the GOP held their own, but they were completely disregarded. Paul Ryan discussed the fact that the bill will cost 2.3 TRILLION dollars over 10 years. Obama responded that he didn't want to get "bogged down with numbers". Oh well, excuse me, but this is the people's money, not your own. Spending 2.3 TRILLION dollars of the people's money is not beneath you for discussion. Refusing to discuss it does not make the issue disappear. Furthermore, refusal also establishes the administration's clear intent to accomplish nothing in the summit and that the summit was all for show to make it look like he was doing something.

Now if we do look at the numbers, Obama seems to have his own special whitehouse calculator. Somehow, the whitehouse calculator projects a result of savings, when an additional 2.3 TRILLION dollars is spent on top of the 3 TRILLION dollar budget he plans for each year, yet still claims to cut costs and the deficit. This must be the same calculator he used for the 95% of Americans not paying any tax. (See my "Fuzzy Math" post).

To add insult to injury, certain provisions won't even take effect for 6 years. In essence, this means that taxpayers will pay these costs for 6 years before receiving benefits. Talk about a layover plan. I don't think the American people will gladly pay for healthcare today that they can't use for 6 years.

The whitehouse calculator is a bit tricky. The DEMs allege that there is 30 million people that need health insurance and can't afford it. So, if we spend 2.3 TRILLION dollars, that results in about 77,000 dollars per person. Really? That is some health insurance. Does it come with a golden parachute too?

If we further dissect it, there are 300 million people in this nation. That means the other 270 million of us that have health insurance get to pay the 77,000 dollars for the 30 million that don't. This would be on top of paying for health insurance for ourselves. Check your pockets folks. You've just been robbed in broad daylight.

This general analysis demonstrates one thing. There are no savings. There are only costs, and they are exorbitant. Perhaps the whitehouse calculator is dyslexic, and has confused costs for savings. Or perhaps the whitehouse calculator needs a new battery.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama, The Used Car Salesman, Sells us a Lemon

Yesterday, the CBO declared that it could not score Obama's healthcare plan. The reason given was that the submission was vague and no details were provided. Therefore, one concludes that there was insufficient information on which to base calculations and estimates. If it is not clear to the CBO, it won't be clear to our representatives or to we the people. So much for transparency.

I think Obama is the only one that gives himself a grade of B+. In school, if a student submitted an assignment that was incomplete and unable to be graded but included empty promises of "planning" to submit a great report, the student would get a grade of zero or an F. Not that there is any comparison, since a lot more is expected of a president than a student, but if Obama was a student, the CBO can't grade his homework. It seems that Obama has submitted no more than a table of contents, and as usual, omitted the substance, rendering the report useless. By default then, it seems to me that the CBO's inability to score Obama's plan is in essence giving it a score of zero.

Thinking about the healthcare bill and the CBO's score of zero by default, it occurred to me that Obama is like a used car salesman. He knows the people need a car, so he shows us a showroom of nice shiny looking cars. Except we aren't allowed into the showroom to look at them closely, examine the insides, and take it for a test drive to see if it works. He knows we would find just a shell of a car making it look good, but if we really look at it, we'd find everything inside it is faulty. The used car salesman knows when he is selling you a lemon, which is why he doesn't let you get a good look at it. He just gives you blanket guarantees that it is great and works just fine. We are expected to just trust the used car salesman at his word even though no one with any sense would do so. We all know the reality. As soon as you buy it and drive it off the lot, it falls apart and just requires more and more money to keep it working, that is if it even works at all. Eventually, you are left with a junk pile of non-working parts, stuck paying off a car loan, and you still don't have a reliable car that you can use.

Obama's healthcare bill is the used car salesman's lemon. It is made to look like we will have no problems with it, it will save us money, and we are expected to buy it on blind trust without having seen it. Except we aren't fooled and we the people know we are getting a lemon. The proof is there right before us. The CBO can't examine it, yet we are expected to pay for it, it will end up costing us way more in the end than we were told, and we will be stuck with something that is useless. It hasn't been passed yet, but the lemon has already left a sour taste in my mouth.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember! Obama posed for the Socialist Newspaper as a Member

There seems to be quite a bit of discussion lately about whether or not Obama is a socialist. Should anyone have any doubts, please read the below information, refer the links, and look at the photos. Obama is a socialist, by definition, by actions, and by his own admission.

Just last night, pundits such as Bill O'Reilly were not only discussing this "question" as if it were an uncertainty, but he was toying with the definition of socialism. One can toy with semantics, but in the end it is the same result. The zebra doesn't change it's stripes and it is still a zebra regardless of which angle you look at it.

So let's start off with the definition of socialism. As per the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
Main Entry: so·cial·ism
Pronunciation: \ˈsō-shə-ˌli-zəm\
Function: noun
Date: 1837
1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
2 a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Obama's actions such as nationalizing banks, auto companies, and now healthcare, aggregating 56% of the private economy is not only significant, it is socialist. It falls right within the above definition. So does everything else, especially when you put them all together. State controlled is socialist. Cap and trade, controlling the amount of energy each person is allowed to use is socialist. Taxing the wealthy and giving it to the poor is socialist. The redistribution ideology is socialist. Unions and card check, promoting government control are socialist. I could go on but you get the point. These issues are about government control, which is socialist. We are not far from having our private property confiscated (i.e. gun control and attempts at confiscation).

Of course, the socialists know that they have a bad name. Obama and his cronies are socialists but they don't want you to know that. The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) didn't want you to know that either. So in attempt to hide their stripes, the DSA proceeded to re-brand themselves. While a rose by any other name may still smell as sweet, a rotting corpse such as socialism still smells like a rotting corpse. So to re-brand, the DSA formed the "New Party" and set out full speed ahead with the same agenda. Obama is part of it all.

As per Newsbusters:
Barack Obama was endorsed by an organization known as the Chicago "New Party". The 'New Party' was a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of the DSA by focusing on winnable elections at a local level and spreading the Socialist movement upwards. The admittedly Socialist Organization experienced a moderate rise in numbers between 1995 and 1999. By 1999, however, the Socialist 'New Party' was essentially defunct after losing a supreme court challenge that ruled the organizations "fusion" reform platform as unconstitutional.

Read more:

The "New Party" doesn't sound controversial at all, does it? They aren't even hiding. According to wikipedia:

The party could best be described as social democratic in orientation, although party statements almost invariably used the terms "small-d democratic" or "progressive" instead. Its founders chose the name "New Party" in an effort to strike a fresh tone, free of associations with dogmas and ideological debates.

While the New Party may have been rendered defunct by the courts, the agenda still exists and the members still pursue it, just under disguise. The zebra does not change it's stripes and the rotting corpse is still a rotting corpse.

So far, we have the definition proved real by Obama's own actions. Now for the self-admission part. Obama was a member of the New Party as per the above newsbusters report. But anyone can type and post anything. So I am now providing the visual. Not only was he a member and endorsed by the New Party, but he was mentioned in their newspaper. And just so you don't think this was another Barack Obama, his photo also appeared in the New Party newspaper in Spring 1996. Here are excerpts, as well as a couple of links so you can see the full details for yourself. I had initially read this on the wnd website, but thought I would include their source New Zeal as well, since it had more photos and full scans.

Now I think it is proven without a reasonable doubt that Obama is a socialist. As much as him, his cronies, the MSM, and all the pundits may try to deny it, dispute it, and dance around it, a picture is worth a thousand words. There is no question. There is no uncertainty. Obama is in fact a socialist.

Americans were asleep at the wheel when they elected Obama. America is starting to wake up. Americans cannot be Rip Van Winkle anymore and remain asleep. Those that are still asleep need to see this and wake up. Please share this blog post to enlighten America. Those who don't believe it need to wake up before it is too late.

Monday, February 22, 2010

CPAC 2010 - Day 3, The Grand Finale - Part 2

The speeches, the crowds, and the ambiance resonated with the very essence of liberty. I felt it at the tea parties and I felt it at CPAC. It is euphoric. I am proud to report that the dreams of our founding fathers continues to live on in each of us.

Here are the highlights of day 3. I will briefly touch upon Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck because I am sure they are all over YouTube by now. Instead, I will provide summaries of the best points of the day for those that are probably not being played everywhere, so that those who weren't there can get a glimpse and share in the experience.

Ann Coulter spoke for about 10 minutes. Ann was her typical witty self, delivering one liners right after another. Of course, the pot shots were all directed at the idiocy of the left and the flaws in their ideology. She had the crowd all fired up, it was some good laughs.

Glenn Beck's speech was about an hour, and was focused on the progressives on the left AND right and how they are destroying America. He brought out the
blackboard of course, which drew huge cheers from the crowd. He got quite a few standing ovations, and deservedly so.

Now moving on, here are some things you may not have heard.

Jonah Goldberg:
- The left acts like we are weird because we still believe in free markets. We are not Europe and we don't want to be. We actually had a revolution to get away from them.
- We like our guns, our God, our freedom, and we like it that way.

Quin Hillyer:
- If calling out some as fascists notes how far we got from freedom, then we need to point it out.

Herb London:
- The US with all it's flaws, is still an exceptional nation.

Steven Crowder:
- Thanks to the government, the rest of the country can be like Detroit.
- I am here because my application to acorn was denied. It wasn't the prostitute thing, but they just wanted someone younger.

Andrew Breitbart:
- E Pluribus Unum. One from many. This multicultural crap to pin folks against each other is over.
- (regarding intellectuals) These people emigrated to the US and we gave them safe haven in places like Columbia University. These were the architects of our doom. They came up with the idea that teabaggers are bad.

Amity Shlaes:
- The democrats are great about creating entitlements for groups.

Rick Santorum:
- There are still some who believe that TARP saved the western civilization.

Jonathan Krohn:
- When I got into politics, I was about 9 years old (now 14).

Bill Bennett:
- When history books are written about who was and wasn't trying to destroy the world, I hope it will mention that some of is tried to stop it.
- When the US bows, figuratively or literally, foreign leaders realize we can be pushed around. America doesn't bow. It stands up straight and it leads. Bow only to God.

Van Hipp:
- Obama is a lot of flash and no depth.

Dennis Whitfield:
- Elect the right people the first time.

Jason Chaffetz:
- We should never be apologizing for American exceptionalism.
- We have 12 trillion in debt and we are still handing out foreign aid like there is no tomorrow. We have to stop.

Donald Devine:
- You need a friend in Washington, buy a dog.

John Bolton:
- In Jan 2009, Obama was not qualified to be president. Now 13 months later, he still isn't qualified.
- Negotiation is not a policy, it is a technique. If you don't have any substance behind it, it will fail.
- This administration believes in arms control as if it were a theology.
- Many of the administrations proposals will result in global government and are palpable to US sovereignty, and must be resisted. As Americans, we are capable of making our own laws.
- If Obama continues these policies, the question will be how secure will we be in 3 years.

Bob McEwen:
- Why are 300,000 Oklahomans able to generate more income than 90 million Philippians? America is an exceptional place.
- There are 2 people that can take everything away from you. One is the criminal, the other is the government. If you are robbed, then you open your paycheck, you will see the government has already been there.
- These folks on the left don't know how to run a two car funeral.

Newt Gingrich:
- without Carter, we wouldn't have gotten Reagan. Without Reagan, we would still have a Soviet Union.
- The tea party threatens the media because the media realizes that there more of us than there are of them.

Alan Charles Kors:
- The universities are fiefdoms with taxpayer dollars.
- No one who tells you that you are too weak to live with freedom is your friend.

Ann McElhinney:
- (regarding global warming) Students are going to believe that we are all going to die, there are too many people, and are against development and capitalism.
- Why do they always talk about too many people but there is never too many elephants.

Chris Horner:
- Environmentalism rejoices in the scarcity of everything.
- The statists object never changes, only the vehicle for it.
- Wind is lovely if you don't need electricity or if you have a lot of money because it is expensive.

Allen West:
- In life you have consequences to each decision. If you allow someone to make those decisions for you, then you become a victim dependent upon the government.
- If you want to compete, you provide a better service. The free market is about competition and that is what makes it best.
- Listening to reverends in church growing up, I don't recall a single time when the reverends cursed this country.
- The liberals dream is more like a nightmare. They are bringing a dream of Marxism and alinsky, and enslaving American people not empowering them.
- Restore the republic that restores the individual, not the collective progressive ideology on the left. This country is worth a sacrifice. This country is worth saving.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC 2010 - Day 3, the Grand Finale - Part 1

Well CPAC is over. It was 3 great days of politics. Today there were a lot of speakers, with many of them being big names that packed the house. At 8:30 this morning, the main ballroom was almost full. People were told if they left, they might not get back inside. There were long lines outside as well. They announced that they had about 10000 in attendance. They set up speakers and screens in additional ballrooms so everyone could see it.

This was the first time some of my friends attended CPAC. They have already decided they will come back next year. If they have more people next year, they won't have enough room for everyone!

I saw Griff Jenkins around throughout the conference. I heard him say that CPAC was Woodstock for conservatives. I don't know if that is true, but CPAC is an exciting experience for political junkies like me.

I have plenty of notes and comments to sort through and organize. After I sort through them, I will post the best of the best, but right now I an too exhausted. I guess the CPAC Woodstock drained me of all my energy. It makes sense. Today there was a lot of brain activity!

CPAC and XPAC 2010 - Day 2

Today was a full day. I couldn't possibly comment on it all. Many of the speakers went into overtime, so there was a lot of shifting around from room to room and I attended as much as I could.

Here are the best thoughts of the day.

Evan Sayet:
- Did he (Obama) bow or did the TelePrompTer fall over?
- We didn't steal cable from the Sudanese. The Sudanese don't have cable because when you are chopping off a million heads, one of them might have been the cable guy.
- Liberals are so openminded that none of the facts can stick.

Jed Babbin:
- Way back in Obama's ancestry, I'll bet he was French.

Eric Cantor:
- These bills are questionable of a constitutional origin.

Tim Pawlenty:
- (regarding snow storms) Any day Reid and Pelosi can't get to work is a good day.
- If government spending were an Olympic support, Obama would be a gold medalist.
- If the federal government were a bank regulated by itself, they would shut themselves down.
- Look at national security. We are in an era when the president of France is lecturing Obama on the dangers of appeasement.

Steve King:
- President Obama lost his mojo.
- (per Obama) the new deal didn't go far enough because FDR lost his nerve from spending too much and pulled back.
- Obama is a keynesian economist on steroids.

Michael Williams:
- It is much easier to hold spending if I don't have my hand in the cookie jar.
- 75% of France's power is nuclear power. If France can figure it out, then so can we.
- Obama is for hope and change. I hope he changes.

Mike Pence:
- A year ago, according to MSNBC, the Obama approval rating was over 65% in all 57 states.
- The question of American renewal is no longer if, it's when.
- Pelosi called the tea partiers unamerican and astroturf. Those people looked like the Calvary to me.
- Keep one hand extended on commerce and trade and the other hand on the holster.

Michele Bachmann:
- The joy of being American is that we get to choose our destiny.
- Since September 2008, the government took over 30% of the private economy. Add healthcare at 18% and cap and trade at 8%, that is a total of 56% of the private economy.

John Fund:
- The President was supported by ACORN, supported by an ACORN lawyer, and is going to take care of his friends.
- You have a civil right to have your vote counted correctly and not have it cancelled out by someone who isn't alive, doesn't exist, or who voted more than once.

Anita MonCrief:
- (regarding acorn) America needs to be saved from these liberals.
- It isn't just acorn. Now that acorn is tainted, they are forming new organizations and funneling money in ways that you can't imagine.

David Norcross:
- The Prince of inconvenience, Al Gore

Star Parker:
- I know the theme is saving freedom, but we have to bring freedom to urban areas. They don't have a sense of freedom. We need to get them away from the sense of entitlement.
- The government is entrenched in their communities.

Howard Husock:
- Cities are not cesspools of sin. They are the birth of growth and prosperity, and where it bears fruit.

Ron Paul:
- Government is the enemy of liberty and should be restrained.
- Personal liberty is the purpose of government, not on your personal life.
- The administration claimed it has the right to assassinate American citizens that it deems as a threat.

In addition to the speeches, the tea party express also had a party. The space was full, so there was a line to get in as they waited for people to leave. Lloyd Marcus was there, as well as the Rivoli Revue. People at the hotel not attending CPAC were watching above in the atrium and wanted to attend. I'd say that makes it a success.

The XPAC lounge had quite a lineup today. Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough were great hosts. Guests included Stephen Crowder, SE Cupp, Hannah Giles, Andrew Breitbart, Autotune The News, Ellen Karis, Robert George, and Evan Sayet. In addition to the mingling and photo ops, there was speeches, comedy, music, and the first annual XPAC awards ceremony. Awards were given for speech (Brit Hume), courage (Tebow family/Focus on the Family), and impact (James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CPAC and XPAC 2010 - Day 1

This year's CPAC theme is "Saving Freedom". Speeches reflected that. Attendees felt it in the air. The people are energized. We are preparing for the most important battle of our lives. It is the battle for our Republic. And like General Washington, we will not retreat. We fight to win. We will settle for nothing less. We are American patriots.

Who is in this battle? Most notably, it is the number of students attending. It is comforting that the youth of today is going to go on the frontlines, taking on this battle headon. Their future depends on it and they know it.

I attended as many speeches as I could. Here is a summary of what I thought were some of the best points from today.

Marco Rubio:
-When was the last time you heard of a boatload of American refugees landing on other shores?
-Our rights are granted from God. Our rights are not granted from government.

Jim DeMint:
-You can't govern from a TelePrompTer.
-I didn't come to Washington to make friends, and so far I am not disappointed.

Jason Mattera:
-Hey jackass, get your government off my freedom.

Kevin McCullogh:
-A few days before 9/12, Obama talked about people like us spreading untruths about the healthcare bill and that he was going to call those people out. So a few days later, we showed up.

Stephen Baldwin:
-What we have now that is coming together is a perfect storm, a perfect conservative storm.

Dick Armey:
-(points to teleprompter) What are these things? I always thought if it came from the heart and you knew what you wanted to say, that you didn't need them.
-Horse sense. The horse is the people, the jockey is the govt. When the jockey is small, the horse can carry it. But the gov believes we should starve the horse and feed the jockey. When the jockey is fatter than the horse, we lose the race.
-Those who wrote the constitution knew what the meaning of "is" was. They wrote what they meant and they meant what they wrote.

Liz Cheney:
-The terrorists are such bad guys, their own countries don't want them back.
- (quoting her daughter) Is Presudent Obama really trying to bring terrorists INTO the US? (yes) It is totally stupid.

Erick Erickson:
-We took the teleprompters so Obama can't speak for a few days.
-The left is all about subsidization of bad things. But now that they won, they can't govern.

Mark Tapscott:
-Young people are just naturally liberals and we can just wait until they turn 30 and encounter real life.

Tucker Carlson:
-There is nothing mainstream about ignoring real news. They are not mainstream. The goal is to produce mainstream news and media that
reflects reality, not what is stupid.

John Boehner:
-(regarding tea parties) Respect them, listen to them, and walk amongst them. The other party will never do that.
-The buzzsaw that your (Obama) healthcare bill ran into wasn't lobbyists and special interests, it was millions of Americans who don't want it.

Wayne LaPierre:
-Politicians would do better in this country if they would stop the damn lying. My BS detector bounced off the wall.
-They don't prosecute against drug dealers, they just call for more laws. Blaming honest gun owners for crimes may not have consequences on criminals, but it does have consequences on politicians when they don't have the NRA support.
-When authorities can't protect you, they have no right or authority from denying you the right to protect yourselves. All Americans should have free and unfettered access to that right no matter where they live.

Mitt Romney:
-Obama's self grading of B+ will go down as the biggest exaggeration in history since Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet.
-Obama is to blame for the 10% unemployment. When it comes to pinning blame on someone, pin the tail on the donkeys.
-Isn't it funny that those who have contempt for the private sector will soon find themselves back in it.(Pelosi, Reid, Obama)
-Obama blames the republicans for being the party of no. But it is right to say no to things that are bad. But why do the dems say no to less spending?

In addition to CPAC, this year was the premiere launch for XPAC. The sponsors (Baldwin McCullough, American Future Fund, Parcbench, Fox News, and Riding Voice) wanted to bring younger CPAC attendees a unique experience just for them. So what is XPAC? It is Xtreme
Media, with Kevin McCullough and Stephen Baldwin from the bmxradio show. It is live broadcasts from Fox news. It is an innovative interactive lounge for young conservatives to network and connect with each other to exchange ideas. It is wifi, games, music, film, discussions, social receptions, comedy, and interviews with guest speakers in a coffee house style setting with EPIC nights. To sum it up, there may be extreme sports for athletes, but this is extreme politics for CPACers. It is energized. It is eclectic. It is XPAC.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ghost of CPAC Past

This year marks the 37th anniversary of CPAC. I wonder if the first participants in 1973 felt as we do now. History continues to repeat itself, but the liberals never seem to learn from it. It is amazing how we have come full circle again.

At CPAC in 1975 President Reagan said:
"Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors, which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people?"

Reagan was wise. The 70's weren't great and citizens were in for a rough time. One year later, Jimmy Carter was elected president. What were the people thinking? Carter gave us 12-13% unemployment, 70% income tax rates, 17% borrowing rates, high inflation, and gas rationing with odd/even days. I know the left loves to claim that this is the worst recession since the great depression, but they always seem to forget about the Carter years. I mean who wouldn't? Who wants to remember a horrible president? Although it seems they always have a selective memory when it comes to one of their own, I am certain that if Carter were a republican that they would be shouting his statistics from the rooftops until the end of time.

So now it is 37 years later and I am headed for CPAC. I am anxious to meet my fellow conservatives and listen to the words of wisdom from the speakers. But I think this year it will feel a little nostalgic. With the tea parties of 2009, it is as if the founding fathers are here with us in spirit, inspiring us to continue to be relentless in the preservation of our liberty. If Ronald Reagan were alive, he could give the same speech today and it would be just as relevant. The citizens once again having a rough time. Much like the original Boston tea partiers, today's tea partiers are rising up for the cause of freedom. The tea parties know we don't need a third party. They are not meek. They have raised their banners in bold colors with slogans of what ails us as a nation. And they are revitalizing the party once again, to fix what is broken and restore our beloved Republic. The founding fathers would be proud. May the ghosts of CPAC past continue to inspire us and may the wisdom of the founding fathers continue to guide us on the path of renewal of our liberties.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beware of Tyranny from Toilet Paper

The Seinfeld show episode "The Stall", coined the phrase "can you spare a square". In this episode, the character Elaine uses the bathroom and there is no toilet paper in her stall. She asks the woman in the next stall if she can "spare a square" and the unknown woman says no. At the end of the episode, Elaine finds out who the woman was, runs into the bathroom before her, and takes all of the toilet paper. It had me laughing out loud. As with many Seinfeld episodes, it exaggerated something silly in every day life for our amusement. But this was TV. It is fiction. This is not supposed to be real life. I think most people know that. But then again, maybe not.

In response to the imaginary global warming crisis, it seems various enviro-fascists want to control every aspect of our lives, and I mean EVERY ASPECT. So they propose suggestions on how we should live our lives. One of those being Sheryl Crow, who said:
"I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting. Now, I don't want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required."

This could be a sequel to the Seinfeld episode. If this wasn't so ridiculous, it would be funny. Exactly how would this work? Would the government establish a special Toilet Paper Czar to ration and monitor every citizen's toilet paper usage? Would each citizen receive a certain monthly allotment based upon how much the government decides one is allowed to use per day? Would all home/office toilets be abolished, requiring citizens to utilize government designated public toilets and receive one square per visit? How would this be enforced? Would there be a designated Citizen Roll Authorized Police Force or "CRAP force", for short?

Surely, I jest. Or then again, maybe not. These are the elements of tyranny and government control of everything in the lives of citizens, right down to the toilet paper. If you think this wouldn't happen in real life, think again. Cuba declares it has a toilet paper shortage and so toilet paper is rationed. It is not because the toilet paper factory is "backed up". It is because the oppressive regime thrives on controlling the people. Citizens desperate for things like food, water, medicine, and even toilet paper are easier to control. Sadly, it isn't just Cuba either. Years ago, I visited Russia. Store shelves were empty of basic items for common every day needs. A person couldn't buy what they needed, even if they had the money. So it was no surprise when I discovered there were no toilet paper rolls in any of the stalls. Upon my entrance to the ladies room, after paying the the designated ruble entrance fee, there would be a woman who handed me a square for my visit. Even with that, the toilet paper was like sand paper, and could probably scrape paint off a wall. Luckily, I was prepared and had packed my own. But if the enviro-fascists get their way, it won't be a matter of riding out the trip by sticking a roll in a suitcase. Toilet paper will be sold and traded on the black market, like many other necessities in oppressive regimes.

While it all sounds ridiculous, it is not a secret that this is actually happening in other corners of the world. We shouldn't overlook it and think it couldn't happen here. It starts with small things that no one notices, and just gets bigger and bigger until tyranny is achieved. But they don't sell it as taking away your freedom. They don't view it as infringing upon our God given rights to be free. They will claim it is in the name of saving the planet from ourselves. So what if the better hygiene in developed societies is no longer killing off citizens from such diseases like cholera, plagues, or dysentery. It seems the enviro-fascists aren't concerned with that. They will never admit that modern conveniences keep us free from disease, and people free from disease are free to live their lives.

No, they don't like anything promoting freedom. It is not on their agenda, except maybe when it comes to themselves. They don't expect to actually practice what they preach anyway. I think they suggest these things to be enforced amongst other people, but not themselves. I wonder what enviro-fascists like Al Gore or Sheryl Crow would do if their toilet paper usage was actually rationed. Or what Sean Penn or Michael Moore would do if they realized what it was like to really live in a fascist regime that they so lovingly promote. I think all of them would definitely need more than one square, since they are all full of crap.

So, while we are on the verge of tyranny and trying to take back the nation, many citizens are stocking up on food, water, seeds, ammo, and other necessities. I hope they don't forget the toilet paper. And if tyranny does take hold, may the Toilet Paper Czar and the CRAP force have to fend for themselves.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The World Spins Without the Web

Apparently the enviro-fascists are once again spinning their web of lies. Their insistence of the impending doom from global warming while 49 states are covered in snow is laughable. What is their new rationale for clinging to this illusion? Well, it seems that now they claim it is because of global warming that we need to pursue alternative energy sources for the purpose of national security.

OK, as a patriot, I am in favor of national security. Who wouldn't be in favor of that? Actually, the federal government's true purpose and obligation is to provide for the national defense (not spend the taxpayer's money as they would have you believe.) The reality is this. We don't need imaginary science with fake statistics promoting the destruction of the planet, in order to justify that measures should be taken to provide national security to Americans, nor do we need imaginary science to justify pursuing innovation for alternative energy sources.

Truthfully, America has enough natural gas, oil, shale, coal, nuclear energy, etc. to sustain our usage and provide energy for our nation without having to rely on other nations. Imagine what this would do for the American economy if the billions spent purchasing energy overseas from nations that hate us, were instead flowing through our own American economy? It would promote jobs, economic growth and prosperity, and strengthen our national security all in one fell swoop, with an added bonus of depriving the terrorist regimes of funding to attack us.

Clearly, utilizing our own natural resources such as drilling, offshore drilling, building more nuclear plants, etc. is an obvious solution as opposed to the reliance on other nations for energy. Yet the enviro-fascists resist the obvious as viable solutions. Why do they do this? It is because their cultish religion of global warming is really all about control of the masses and creating a NWO. It is not about energy or saving the planet.

Our natural resources are not scarce, nor are they an unlimited supply. But this should not be an excuse to pour billions of dollars into other nations, simultaneously damaging our economy and compromising our national security. Rather a more intelligent logical approach should be to utilize our natural resources, and while doing that, the FREE MARKET would be able to pursue innovation and technology development of alternative energy sources. Such innovations could certainly be developed and in use by the time America even approaches the possibility of depleting all our natural resources that we have.

I have complete confidence in the brilliance of Americans and their unlimited potential for invention and discovery. Past history is indicative of the astounding contributions that Americans have made to the world. So why should the enviro-fascists believe that Americans do not have the capabilities to continue such achievements of greatness in the future? Perhaps it is not about their belief or disbelief in the abilities of Americans, but instead it is because they themselves are hungry for power and control of the world, and anyone demonstrating potential for greatness only foils their plan.

So to accomplish their objectives, they set out to squash Americans into mediocrity by promoting their own imagined superiority and belief that their propaganda is factual. So they promote global warming in a continuous stream of convoluted messages, so much so, that it is to the point where I think they actually believe their own web of lies. I think that they have spun a web so twisted in deceit that their spinning has made them dizzy. It is now time that they lie down, take a rest, and abandon the fake science. The world will not suddenly self-destruct from all of us breathing. In fact, I am sure that the world will continue to spin on it's axis and we don't need a web of lies for that.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Ruler Just Doesn't Measure Up

Where is the Constitutional authority for a president to issue an executive order? Article II, sections 1 and 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires the U.S. President to "faithfully execute" the law. There is no specific mention of "executive orders", especially one that grants a power to be utilized to circumvent the law and/or the three branches of government. The Founding Fathers specifically established the three branches of government for the purpose of providing us with checks and balances, so that no one branch has all the power. They fought with their lives to escape tyranny, and sought to avoid living under such rule.

While there is no "executive order power" in the Constitution, presidents have been using the "faithfully execute" phrase as an excuse to issue executive orders. It is a stretch of powers, and in my opinion, it is actually an abuse of power. Obama is now following in the footsteps of past presidents, and in way that is extremely alarming.

A few weeks ago, Obama wanted a bipartisan fiscal commission created. Never mind that we don't need more government bureaucracy of incompetency wasting taxpayer dollars, accomplishing nothing, and dictating unconstitutional directives controlling our lives. But when the Senate did not confirm this request, Obama then issued an executive order, thus overruling the checks and balances, with no constitutional authority whatsoever.

Not surprisingly, Obama surrounds himself with others like himself, who also have no concern for Constitutional limitations of authority or power. Even worse, they don't even try to hide it. This is very telling about who they really are and it isn't good.

For example:
Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff said “We are reviewing a list of presidential executive orders and directives to get the job done across a front of issues”.

Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director said “In 2010, executive actions will also play a key role in advancing the agenda.”

Um, hello? What about the legislative process? This is a republic. Executive orders are not a substitute for legislation. It is bad enough that Obama appointed all these czars, who were not confirmed by the Senate and have no accountability to we the people as our elected officials do. But now the administration reveals it's plans to force it's agenda down the throats of the American people, with complete disregard for the legislative process. These are the actions of a ruler, not a leader. In a republic, we don't have rulers and the administration needs to realize that. As it is, we the people aren't even getting representation from those that were actually elected to represent us, and now we have an administration that intends to do what it wants and it wants to be accountable to no one.

So where does this leave us? Where does this leave the Republic? Obama is not the first president to issue executive orders, nor is he the first president to abuse his presidential power. But I find this administration's behavior and attitude to be extremely disturbing. At best, he is behaving like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum for not getting his way. At worst, he is a dictator in the making. Either way, the nation is in a tough predicament. Past presidents have taken an inch, and now Obama is going to go the extra mile, but not in a good way. This isn't what the Founders intended. We the people need to remind the administration that we are a republic and in a republic, having a ruler just doesn't measure up.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fuzzy Math or Fuzzy Feelings, Obama Will Tax it

During the campaign, Obama repeatedly stated that he would cut taxes for 95% of Americans AND simultaneously reduce the deficit. Somehow, the voters had an interruption of brain service and actually fell for this ploy, without consideration for reality or history.

For starters, if we just consider basic math, it is a problem. Before considering this ridiculous lie as if it were true, the government already spends more money than it collects. So for it to collect less, even if doesn't spend more, it cannot possibly reduce the deficit. There is no denying it. The math is fuzzy.

Now if we consider the "95%" part of the promise, it is an insult to our intelligence. There is an estimated 300 million Americans. If in "Obamaworld" (not to be confused with the real world), 95% don't pay tax, that means that 5% or 15 million people would be the ones who pay. Obama and the democratically controlled Congress spent 3 TRILLION dollars in the first year of his administration. So even if the deficit were not reduced, Obama thinks those 15 million would be paying off their first year's spending of 3 trillion. Really? How much does he think these people make? Has Obama ever heard the expression that you can't get blood from a stone?

In addition to the drunken sailor spending of 2009, Obama has proposed a "spending freeze" in his SOTU address for the next 3 years. Should we be celebrating? No. Did Obama and Congress suddenly grasp the meaning of fiscal responsibility? No. It is just another scam. After devoting every waking moment to whining about Bush and what he "inherited", Obama raised the 2009 budget by approximately 20%. Freezing an already bloated budget is certainly not worthy of applause. To add insult to injury, while freezing the exhorbitant budget means they can't spend more, it also means they can't spend less!

So if we do some quick math, that's 3 trillion a year, for 4 years, totalling 12 trillion. Wow, those 15 million folks sure are going to be poor paying for it all. I don't know who these people are, but common sense dictates that it is impossible. At a 40% tax rate, this would mean that those 15 million people would have to generate 7.5 TRILLION in income PER YEAR, just to sustain the government's bloated budget each year. And this wouldn't even put a dent in the deficit which is increasing by the day just on interest alone.

The impact of these taxes being paid by the 15 million people would be a drastic drain on the economy. The money literally sucked out of the economy and lost in the government coffers would result in companies closing, more jobs lost, and propel America at warp speed in a downward spiral into a pit of despair. So much for all that "hopey changey" stuff.

So now it seems that Obama has realized it is time to renege on his lies. Who will pay for all the spending? Subtlety, by stealth, he is planning to INCREASE taxes on the 95% of working Americans. The middle class is the target.

So what is Obama thinking? Why not steal from the Americans that work for a living? Why worry about the millions that are unemployed? After bringing the top 15 million into poverty, they'll just take from those that have even less. Someone has to pay for Pelosi's botox and 100k bar bills, and of course all those White House parties.

While Obama may try to pretend he isn't increasing taxes, his actions or rather non actions will have a significantly different result. By allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, all the tax rates will automatically increase, right down to those in the 10% bracket which will disappear. It leaves you a warm and fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? Don't worry. After campaigning nonstop about cutting taxes for 95% of working Americans, Obama is now going to reach his grubby hands into the pockets of the middle class, and take everything down to the lint, including anything fuzzy. As the DEMS unravel the economy, it is now only a matter of time before they run out of pockets to pick, and leave us all out in the cold.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's the Party of "Know", Stupid!

Although the tides had started to turn early last year with the tea parties, the first one being Feb 27th, a mere 5 weeks after Obama's inauguration, the DEMs chose to label those Americans as "the fringe". But like a slight breeze before an oncoming storm, the wind only grew stronger and picked up speed as it shifted in it's direction. Initially, the DEMs tried to ignore the storm and pretend it would pass. Now that the wind is in their face, they are now going to attempt to latch onto something stronger to ride out the storm. The lifesaver the DEMs will try to grab is the GOP, not that they will admit it.

For some reason, despite all the storm warnings, they persisted. The DEMS orchestrated a one year shut out of the GOP. They continuously alledged that the GOP were obstructionists and the party of "NO". How can the GOP say "NO" when they weren't even there? Somehow, the DEMS expect us to believe that even if the GOP wasn't even in the room, they are the party of "NO". The GOP presented alternative bills but were denied a debate, and yet they are the party of "NO". The GOP didn't get bribes or kickbacks, but they are the party of "NO". The GOP votes weren't needed to pass a bill, but they are the party of "NO". The DEMS were on their own, but still couldn't pass their socialist O-scam-a-care bill. Hmm, gee, I wonder why that is?

Could it be that this is a TOTUS-style phonetic homonym error? Did the DEMS say that the GOP is the party of "NO" when they really meant to say that the GOP is the party of "KNOW"? Perhaps one of the DEMS obtained a dictionary, and realized their error. Clearly, the DEMS couldn't accomplish anything worthwhile on their own, since none of their ideas ever actually work. So they needed to invite someone who "KNOWS". Who could that be? Oh right, that would be the GOP, because they are the party of "KNOW". Even with the invitation though, don't expect the DEMS to have an infusion of knowledge into their brains. It doesn't work that way.

So Obama and his cronies are now planning to invite the GOP to play in the sandbox. Don't be fooled. This isn't because their mommy told them to play nice. It is just another game that they will play. They will only try to use the GOP to block the wind, and ride out the storm, before they throw sand in everyone's faces. Now that the DEMs have backed themselves into a corner and buried themselves, they need the GOP to dig them out. So if and when the GOP jumps into the sandbox with the DEMS, I hope they bring a big pail. The DEMS will be shoveling a lot of crap, and the GOP will as usual need to clean it up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Fright, the Sequel, Dwarfs Al Gore?

Well, it is official. The east coast got about two feet of snow just days ago and we had a blizzard today. They just announced that 63% of the nation is covered in snow and there is more snow coming next week. Yet the enviro-fascists have decided to announce that the snow is caused by global warming, continuing with their charade.

The news anchors have apparently reached out to Al Gore for commentary, but he is remarkably scarce and silent. He went from appearing everywhere and blabbering incessantly about the artic ice melting, and now no one can find him. Is Al Gore a victim of snow fright, scaring him into silence? Has his bloated ego been finally dwarfed down to normal size? Has he suddenly become aware of the REAL inconvenient truth that he is full of crap? Doubtful.

My guess is that Al Gore is possibly snowed in, thus explaining why he is unavailable for comment. Perhaps he is home re-tooling his lies on how best to spin them now. Or perhaps, now that 63% of the nation is covered in snow, we may be connected to the artic, and he strapped on his snow shoes to trek up there. Or maybe he is having the polar bears over for a snowball fight.

Regardless of Al Gore's whereabouts, it will be interesting to see how him and all the other enviro-fascists will try to convince folks of their lies now. I think it will be an argument that is only rational in their own heads. It is unrealistic to think they believe the lies that they spew. They will never backpeddle to save face. They are in too deep to admit the real truth, which is their attempt to control the masses promoting a NWO. It is like they are on the titantic after hitting the iceberg. They are shoveling ice into the boat telling people it will help them stay afloat and expecting others to believe it, instead of abandoning ship. Well it seems the ship is sinking, and they are willing to go down with it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Palm reading and Tea leaves

We all know how much the left likes to mock, insult, demean, and belittle the tea parties and tea partiers. We also know they direct the same verbal assault on Palin. The left took two for the price of one this time.

At the National Tea Party Convention, Palin did a little palm reading. It is amazing at how all the leftist pundits are mocking Palin because she had a few words written on her palm. Ok, I don't know why she did it. Maybe she ran out of index cards to write down a few key points. While it may be odd that she wrote on her palm, it is absolutely ridiculous that the left was mocking her for it.

It seems that someone needs to point out the obvious.

On the one side, Palin delivered an entire speech with a few notes on her palm, sans teleprompter. In fact, she has delivered many speeches without a teleprompter. Maybe she always does a little palm reading. Even if you are not a fan of Palin, at least you know that she knows what she wants to say.

Alternatively, Obama on the other hand, needs a teleprompter to deliver a speech to 11 year old school children. He can't seem to give a speech to anyone without a teleprompter, and even then, he messes that up. Maybe it is the teleprompter swivel that throws off his game. Maybe it gives him whiplash. I don't know. I do know that it is clear that he has no idea what he wants to say.

Now, the obvious point. The left mocks Palin for palm reading, but thinks it is perfectly acceptable for Obama, the leader of the free world, to need a teleprompter for speaking to 11 year olds, yet doesn't see how ridiculous they look.

Perhaps the left has spent a little too much time in the carnival funhouse viewing Obama in the reality distorting mirrors. I think it is time that the left stopped to read some tea leaves and do a little palm reading of their own. Perhaps then they will grasp the true message. Palin and the tea partiers have key points to make and know what they want to say, while Obama is only an illusion in a carnival funhouse to try to fool you to see something that isn't real. Except the left doesn't see that the destruction of our nation is actually the house of horrors, and unfortunately this time, it is not an illusion.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Great Gaffes-be: Corpseman vs. Corpsman

Biden is known for his gaffes. When Obama chose Biden as his VP running mate, I thought that Biden would be providing us with four years of Saturday Night Live style entertainment. Never did I imagine that the Great Gaffes-be provided to us by Obama himself.

I am in disbelief at Obama's gaffe yesterday, if one can even call it a gaffe.

It is bad enough that Obama is practically surgically attached to his teleprompter, so much so that he cannot even give a speech to sixth graders without it.

As an American, it is embarrassing. Here we have a supposedly well educated man, who attended Columbia and Harvard, and yet he cannot give a speech without his beloved TOTUS, to the point where he is lost without it.

I wonder how he could have possibly attended these Universities without obtaining the ability to give a speech. Furthermore, while I have not attended law school personally, I would think that the skills of speech and debate would be acquired in law school if one did not possess these skills already. There is certainly no shortage of lawyers in this nation, and while they are sadly not at a loss for words, our courtrooms are not filled with teleprompters.

Between this and other gaffes such as when two speeches were swapped in error and Obama thanked himself for coming, or in Obama's campaign speech claiming he "visited 57 states so far and had a few more to go", it seems his "education" is lacking. The transcript read "corpsman". But, even if there were a typo and it said "corpseman", wouldn't someone who attended Columbia and Harvard who is supposed to be Commander in Chief of our armed forces know the difference? I am certain that our armed forces would not refer to corpsman as corpseman, even if said corpsman was a fallen hero. Yet the Commander in Chief is completely unaware of the basic distinction between the two. He repeated the gaffe three times.

One may ask, why and how do these gaffes occur? It is because the claim of Obama as the great "orator" is false. While he can read, he is not really an orator at all. Besides, even if there were an error in the speech, wouldn't one who is a "great orator" be able to ad lib? Instead, he just reads whatever TOTUS tells him to say, without any awareness or comprehension of what he is reading and saying. I wonder if his speechwriters will now upload his speech to TOTUS using phonetics.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


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