Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's the Party of "Know", Stupid!

Although the tides had started to turn early last year with the tea parties, the first one being Feb 27th, a mere 5 weeks after Obama's inauguration, the DEMs chose to label those Americans as "the fringe". But like a slight breeze before an oncoming storm, the wind only grew stronger and picked up speed as it shifted in it's direction. Initially, the DEMs tried to ignore the storm and pretend it would pass. Now that the wind is in their face, they are now going to attempt to latch onto something stronger to ride out the storm. The lifesaver the DEMs will try to grab is the GOP, not that they will admit it.

For some reason, despite all the storm warnings, they persisted. The DEMS orchestrated a one year shut out of the GOP. They continuously alledged that the GOP were obstructionists and the party of "NO". How can the GOP say "NO" when they weren't even there? Somehow, the DEMS expect us to believe that even if the GOP wasn't even in the room, they are the party of "NO". The GOP presented alternative bills but were denied a debate, and yet they are the party of "NO". The GOP didn't get bribes or kickbacks, but they are the party of "NO". The GOP votes weren't needed to pass a bill, but they are the party of "NO". The DEMS were on their own, but still couldn't pass their socialist O-scam-a-care bill. Hmm, gee, I wonder why that is?

Could it be that this is a TOTUS-style phonetic homonym error? Did the DEMS say that the GOP is the party of "NO" when they really meant to say that the GOP is the party of "KNOW"? Perhaps one of the DEMS obtained a dictionary, and realized their error. Clearly, the DEMS couldn't accomplish anything worthwhile on their own, since none of their ideas ever actually work. So they needed to invite someone who "KNOWS". Who could that be? Oh right, that would be the GOP, because they are the party of "KNOW". Even with the invitation though, don't expect the DEMS to have an infusion of knowledge into their brains. It doesn't work that way.

So Obama and his cronies are now planning to invite the GOP to play in the sandbox. Don't be fooled. This isn't because their mommy told them to play nice. It is just another game that they will play. They will only try to use the GOP to block the wind, and ride out the storm, before they throw sand in everyone's faces. Now that the DEMs have backed themselves into a corner and buried themselves, they need the GOP to dig them out. So if and when the GOP jumps into the sandbox with the DEMS, I hope they bring a big pail. The DEMS will be shoveling a lot of crap, and the GOP will as usual need to clean it up.

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  1. let's just hope they don't fall for the trap the Dems are setting