Friday, February 26, 2010

No, the Doctor Won't See You Now

Today it was reported on the news that some doctors are no longer accepting medicare and/or new patients. Are the doctors reacting to yesterday's healthcare "summit"? Is this an indication of what lies in store for the future of our medical care?

As it is now, between all private insurance companies and medicare, medicare actually ranks the highest in denials of treatment and medical care. The DEMs don't tell you that. They allege that citizens are being denied medical care by the "big bad" insurance companies and that this is their reason for justifying a government takeover of healthcare. The DEMs don't admit that the government plan is the leader in denying care to citizens.

The same story holds true for medicaid. I have a friend (who I will call "Pat") who is unemployed and qualifies for medicaid. Pat has an ailment which needs treatment and is actually treatable. If it were me, it would be covered by my private health insurance. But Pat is on medicaid and therefore cannot get a doctor to provide treatment. When Pat contacts a doctor's office, inquiring if the doctor treats this ailment, the answer is yes. When Pat inquires if the doctor takes medicaid, the doctor answers no. So Pat remains without treatment due to the inability to get an appointment. In addition, just to leave no stone unturned, Pat contacted the medicaid office to inquire about doctors that do take medicaid, in order to then just pick one to make an appointment. The medicaid office did not have any such list. Ah, but my friend is "covered", right? Isn't that great?

So where does this leave us? As it is now, prior to a government takeover of healthcare, current medicare and medicaid patients technically have "coverage", but they can't get treatment or can't find a doctor to see them. What is the point of technically having coverage on paper if one can't get an appointment and treatment?

For all those who think that socialized healthcare works and point to Canada as an example, perhaps they should reconsider. Recently a Canadian government official came to the US for surgery that he needed, saying it wasn't available in Canada. Critics of course said this was not true. Perhaps the surgery COULD be done in Canada, but no one was actually willing to do it?

Is Canadian healthcare the utopia of socialized medicine? Or is the truth ugly once you remove the shiny wrapping? I invite you to view this video, in which Steven Crowder of PJTV went undercover in Canada to see if "free" socialized medicine is really all that it's supporters propose it to be. I know the video is a bit long, but it is worth watching.

The video is telling isn't it? Will the system that ails Canada be brought to the USA?

While Canada is only an example, socialized medicine doesn't work in Europe either. The taxes for these nations are at exorbitant amounts to cover the cost, but the people are not getting the value for their money. And yet they still want to force this upon Americans. We will be expected to pay 2.3 Trillion dollars for "free" medical care that we can't actually use?

While the DEMS love to prey upon people's emotions, using stories of re-using a deceased person's teeth, I can give you some real examples of stories I have read and from people that I know.

- In Britain, expectant mothers are not always admitted to the hospital. Some are sent home or forced to remain in the parking lot. Some have delivered in the waiting room or reception area because they cannot wait anymore.
- A Brit's father had a stroke. In the USA, therapy would have been given afterwards, to assist in the fullest recovery as possible. However, because of the man's age, he was denied. Now he cannot do anything for himself. But he is "covered", right?
- A Swiss friend wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor. The Swiss was told that they thought they had cancer and to come back in six months for an assessment. I was shocked at this, However, the Swiss just accepted that and waited, telling me "that is how it is". Not that an American doctor would ever do this, but if that were to happen in the states, any American would probably report that doctor to the AMA, and make an appointment with someone else. We would not wait.

Those with socialized medicine pay the price in more ways than one. Not only do they have higher taxes, but they accept not getting treatment when they need it. I am certain that Americans on the other hand will not settle.

Yesterday's "show" had some scary unsavory characters, played by the DEMs who are the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of healthcare. Denial is the ugly face of government healthcare that they don't want you to see. It is time they remove the mask and show who they really are and what their horrible plans actually entail. If and when they win this battle, inflicting socialized medicine upon us so we all have "coverage" on paper, will we hear, "no, the doctor won't see you now?" Or ever, for that matter?

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