Monday, February 22, 2010

CPAC 2010 - Day 3, The Grand Finale - Part 2

The speeches, the crowds, and the ambiance resonated with the very essence of liberty. I felt it at the tea parties and I felt it at CPAC. It is euphoric. I am proud to report that the dreams of our founding fathers continues to live on in each of us.

Here are the highlights of day 3. I will briefly touch upon Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck because I am sure they are all over YouTube by now. Instead, I will provide summaries of the best points of the day for those that are probably not being played everywhere, so that those who weren't there can get a glimpse and share in the experience.

Ann Coulter spoke for about 10 minutes. Ann was her typical witty self, delivering one liners right after another. Of course, the pot shots were all directed at the idiocy of the left and the flaws in their ideology. She had the crowd all fired up, it was some good laughs.

Glenn Beck's speech was about an hour, and was focused on the progressives on the left AND right and how they are destroying America. He brought out the
blackboard of course, which drew huge cheers from the crowd. He got quite a few standing ovations, and deservedly so.

Now moving on, here are some things you may not have heard.

Jonah Goldberg:
- The left acts like we are weird because we still believe in free markets. We are not Europe and we don't want to be. We actually had a revolution to get away from them.
- We like our guns, our God, our freedom, and we like it that way.

Quin Hillyer:
- If calling out some as fascists notes how far we got from freedom, then we need to point it out.

Herb London:
- The US with all it's flaws, is still an exceptional nation.

Steven Crowder:
- Thanks to the government, the rest of the country can be like Detroit.
- I am here because my application to acorn was denied. It wasn't the prostitute thing, but they just wanted someone younger.

Andrew Breitbart:
- E Pluribus Unum. One from many. This multicultural crap to pin folks against each other is over.
- (regarding intellectuals) These people emigrated to the US and we gave them safe haven in places like Columbia University. These were the architects of our doom. They came up with the idea that teabaggers are bad.

Amity Shlaes:
- The democrats are great about creating entitlements for groups.

Rick Santorum:
- There are still some who believe that TARP saved the western civilization.

Jonathan Krohn:
- When I got into politics, I was about 9 years old (now 14).

Bill Bennett:
- When history books are written about who was and wasn't trying to destroy the world, I hope it will mention that some of is tried to stop it.
- When the US bows, figuratively or literally, foreign leaders realize we can be pushed around. America doesn't bow. It stands up straight and it leads. Bow only to God.

Van Hipp:
- Obama is a lot of flash and no depth.

Dennis Whitfield:
- Elect the right people the first time.

Jason Chaffetz:
- We should never be apologizing for American exceptionalism.
- We have 12 trillion in debt and we are still handing out foreign aid like there is no tomorrow. We have to stop.

Donald Devine:
- You need a friend in Washington, buy a dog.

John Bolton:
- In Jan 2009, Obama was not qualified to be president. Now 13 months later, he still isn't qualified.
- Negotiation is not a policy, it is a technique. If you don't have any substance behind it, it will fail.
- This administration believes in arms control as if it were a theology.
- Many of the administrations proposals will result in global government and are palpable to US sovereignty, and must be resisted. As Americans, we are capable of making our own laws.
- If Obama continues these policies, the question will be how secure will we be in 3 years.

Bob McEwen:
- Why are 300,000 Oklahomans able to generate more income than 90 million Philippians? America is an exceptional place.
- There are 2 people that can take everything away from you. One is the criminal, the other is the government. If you are robbed, then you open your paycheck, you will see the government has already been there.
- These folks on the left don't know how to run a two car funeral.

Newt Gingrich:
- without Carter, we wouldn't have gotten Reagan. Without Reagan, we would still have a Soviet Union.
- The tea party threatens the media because the media realizes that there more of us than there are of them.

Alan Charles Kors:
- The universities are fiefdoms with taxpayer dollars.
- No one who tells you that you are too weak to live with freedom is your friend.

Ann McElhinney:
- (regarding global warming) Students are going to believe that we are all going to die, there are too many people, and are against development and capitalism.
- Why do they always talk about too many people but there is never too many elephants.

Chris Horner:
- Environmentalism rejoices in the scarcity of everything.
- The statists object never changes, only the vehicle for it.
- Wind is lovely if you don't need electricity or if you have a lot of money because it is expensive.

Allen West:
- In life you have consequences to each decision. If you allow someone to make those decisions for you, then you become a victim dependent upon the government.
- If you want to compete, you provide a better service. The free market is about competition and that is what makes it best.
- Listening to reverends in church growing up, I don't recall a single time when the reverends cursed this country.
- The liberals dream is more like a nightmare. They are bringing a dream of Marxism and alinsky, and enslaving American people not empowering them.
- Restore the republic that restores the individual, not the collective progressive ideology on the left. This country is worth a sacrifice. This country is worth saving.

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