Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Fright, the Sequel, Dwarfs Al Gore?

Well, it is official. The east coast got about two feet of snow just days ago and we had a blizzard today. They just announced that 63% of the nation is covered in snow and there is more snow coming next week. Yet the enviro-fascists have decided to announce that the snow is caused by global warming, continuing with their charade.

The news anchors have apparently reached out to Al Gore for commentary, but he is remarkably scarce and silent. He went from appearing everywhere and blabbering incessantly about the artic ice melting, and now no one can find him. Is Al Gore a victim of snow fright, scaring him into silence? Has his bloated ego been finally dwarfed down to normal size? Has he suddenly become aware of the REAL inconvenient truth that he is full of crap? Doubtful.

My guess is that Al Gore is possibly snowed in, thus explaining why he is unavailable for comment. Perhaps he is home re-tooling his lies on how best to spin them now. Or perhaps, now that 63% of the nation is covered in snow, we may be connected to the artic, and he strapped on his snow shoes to trek up there. Or maybe he is having the polar bears over for a snowball fight.

Regardless of Al Gore's whereabouts, it will be interesting to see how him and all the other enviro-fascists will try to convince folks of their lies now. I think it will be an argument that is only rational in their own heads. It is unrealistic to think they believe the lies that they spew. They will never backpeddle to save face. They are in too deep to admit the real truth, which is their attempt to control the masses promoting a NWO. It is like they are on the titantic after hitting the iceberg. They are shoveling ice into the boat telling people it will help them stay afloat and expecting others to believe it, instead of abandoning ship. Well it seems the ship is sinking, and they are willing to go down with it.

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  1. Dylan Ratigan's been all over this one! He's been called down by Rush and others resulting in a need to host a scientist to explain the weather...Carl Sagan must be rollingover in his grave