Monday, March 28, 2011

Economic Terrorist Plans Attack on USA

It is common knowledge that George Soros worked on the side of the Nazis, aiding and abetting to transport his fellow Jews to the concentration camps. He was a young man then, but to this day claims to have no regrets or shown any remorse.  It is revolting that so many people today even give him so much as an ounce of respect. This man is a Nazi war criminal, an accomplice to countless mass murders, and yet he walks freely among us having never been held accountable for his crimes.

In addition to these horrific heinous crimes against humanity, he also subsequently stole the possessions of the victims he helped transport. This is actually where Soros got his start in building his financial conglomerate. It wasn't from hard work, ingenuity, or the sweat of his own brow. Nope. He stole it. It is blood money. The man is pure evil. It is repulsive that anyone would do business with him, accept donations, or even associate with him.

I don't know how he was even allowed to enter the United States. The only justifiable reason should have been to lock him up, throw away the key, and give him a good sturdy noose for his cell.

Soros hates capitalism, freedom, America and all She represents. So it is no surprise that he is plotting an attack on the US for the sole purpose of destroying the nation. No, he isn't carrying bombs in his underwear. He is America's first economic terrorist, planning to destroy America from within by stealth, and yet at the same time, right out in the open.

"Reorganizing the world order will need to extend beyond the financial system and involve the United Nations, especially membership of the Security Council.....That process needs to be initiated by the US, but China and other developing countries ought to participate as equals.
His plot is to re-engineer the global economy, with the United States as the first target of his attack in his grand theft of the nation's wealth. It is all part of his goal to create a new world order and reduce all nations, the US included, to be third world nations, enslaving all people and making everyone his minions. It is isn't just the economy he wants to destroy, but the nation as a whole.

Why isn't this being reported on the news? The news embraces such lies as reporting patriots deemed to be "domestic terrorists" by Napolitano.  Yet here we have an actual domestic terrorist, and it is being ignored. Why aren't they shouting this from the rooftops and demanding that his assets be frozen, just as other terrorists?

When Soros has his conference on April 8th, him and all his accomplices will conveniently be in one place. They should be rounded up and transported to Gitmo with all the other terrorists, tried for treason, and left there to rot. Or we could provide them with a lovely parting gift of their very own personal noose. For traitors like this, it is time to bring back the hanging.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Criminals Protest To Retain The Ability to Steal

England has a long history, and today marks a day for the history books, as thousands of thieves took to the streets in a massive protest to demand their "rights" which they believe the government has taken from them. On the surface, a protest to fight one being denied of one's rights sounds so legitimate. However, when anyone looks beyond the surface, they can see the crime for what it is.

While the protesters have been committing their crimes for years without ever being charged or held accountable, the government itself is also a den of thieves, and serves as an enabler for their accomplices, the protesters.

Truthfully, much like the US government, the British government has also been stealing from the people for decades, stuffing their own pockets and doling out the loot to the lazy sloths collecting welfare. Now that the governments have stolen so much from the people and racked up so much in deficits, they have literally looted the people of all that can be stolen.

They have already taxed all that can be taxed. There are no more morsels to steal. The gravy train has made it's last stop. They cannot get blood from a stone.

Now they are like cornered rats fighting for their own survival. They have already shared the final loot, so their only possible course of action is to tell their accomplices that there is no more.

So what is the reaction of the criminals? A protest, of course.

It is amazing that the freeloaders are protesting that the government is cutting off their welfare. Apparently the freeloaders think they have an entitlement and right to steal from others. It is about time the looters were cut off. Time for them to start producing and taking responsibility for themselves, and stop thinking it is other people's obligation to feed, house, and clothe them.

While it is a nice wish, I wouldn't count on the thieves having an epiphany and suddenly deciding to go forth and earn their own keep. This is not only going to continue, but it is going to get worse. This is not going to be an isolated incident, nor one that occurs only in England. Americans should be taking note as this is a sure premonition of future protests on our side of the pond. The signs are all there and America is on the same path.

The Obama administration has quadrupled the deficit in just 2 years, and continues his astronomical spending at warp speed with no sign of stopping.  The 47% of the American population that doesn't pay any taxes is a grotesque statistic. This is huge, as this represents almost half of the population that expects to be the recipient of the government's loot that it stole from the other working half. The working half is getting squeezed down to the bone, and is on the brink of  having no more to steal.

States like Wisconsin have already fallen over the edge and taken action to end the distribution of loot to the local gang of thieves. Just like the British thieves, the American thieves rallied their gang, and all the union thugs came out in protest of their welfare and freebies being cutoff.

The other states are going to have no choice but to follow in Wisconsin's footsteps, as state by state  bankruptcy looms like a dark cloud and states try to close the gap in their deficits.

What will be the reaction of the people? Will the thieves come to their senses? No.

With one half of the population pinned against the other, it will be like the childhood game of cops and robbers, except it is not a game. In case you haven't figured it out, the government will be on the side of the robbers with all the other criminals. While the tea partiers are protesting the government spending and theft from the people, the thieves will be protesting their delusional belief that they have a right to steal.  How will the game end? Civil unrest will ensue.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Government Attacks on Americans

The Americans for Tax Reform website has a countdown to the biggest tax increase in American history. Are you ready? It isn't just for the wealthy either. Just a mere 94 days from today, the government's plan for your poverty is coming for you.

Out of all the Candidates and Elected Officials pledging no new taxes consisting of "200 House candidates, 34 Senate candidates, 174 House representatives, 34 Senators", there is something noticeably missing. Can you guess what it is? Out of the 442 signatures, you can count the democrat signers on one hand. Literally. There are a total of 5 democrat signers.

If we read between the lines, what is missing actually screams volumes to the American voters.  Nancy Pelosi has refused to allow the Bush tax cut expiration to come to the floor for a vote. Why?

Because Pelosi and the other leftists have EVERY intention of letting the tax cuts expire and RAISING your taxes, thus making Americans poorer, depriving Americans of jobs and opportunities, and increasing the poverty levels in the nation to epidemic proportions.

If the US is posting record gains in poverty under Obama's watch "with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty" and "the anticipated poverty rate increase — from 13.2 percent to about 15 percent", now reaching a 15 year high, what will the poverty level be after the planned tax increases? And what happened to the campaign promise of no new taxes?

The non-pledge and the non-vote by democrats is a wake up call. In November, you can either vote for those who pledge no to increase taxes which is a vote for your own prosperity, or you can vote for your own poverty. When you vote, think about what the government has done and what they plan to do.

Is this government inflicting a tax on Americans? Or is it really the government inflicting attacks on Americans?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Americans Replace Lab Rats Without Their Consent

Examine your dinner closely. Do you know what you are eating? Are you eating food? Or are you eating GMOs, also known as genetically modified organisms? Yum. Doesn't that sound tasty?

In 1996, under the Clinton administration, GMO crops were introduced, without the public's knowledge and consent. Food was not labeled accordingly, and despite the government continuing to overreach and steal our liberties on a daily basis, the government is experimenting on us and still does not require proper labeling. Why?

Because the progressive left is implementing the ninth plank of marxism to control the food supply. They know that when they control the food supply, they control the people.

The leftists know exactly what they are doing. Everything else is labeled. The FDA recently even went after Cheerios because it makes health claims. The FDA did not dispute these claims, but merely claimed the claims weren't authorized. So, why is the FDA looking for us to obtain Cheerios by a prescription, but not require labeling for fake food? Shouldn't GMOs be the ones with the warning labels?

In August, I blogged about the genetically modified salmon in which it was declared that the fake salmon was safe to eat, which is of course not being required to be labeled as GMO salmon. However, this week a news report revealed that it was tested on a mere 6 fish to determine it was safe. I am not a scientist, but that doesn't seem like a sufficient sample size to me or a lengthy study, to truly determine if it is safe for humans.

The animal kingdom, is apparently of higher intelligence than the leftists, and instinctively knows it is not good for them. Pigs which would normally eat any slop actually rejected GMO food. Furthermore, if rats rejected it and needed to be force fed GMO food, shouldn't that be a warning sign for humans? If the GMO altered the DNA of lab rats, should humans really be eating it? The evidence so far would be overwhelmingly no.
"In the 9 years after GM crops were introduced in 1996, Americans with three or more chronic diseases jumped from 7% to 13%.² Allergies doubled in less time. And the incidence of low birth weight babies, infertility, and infant mortality are all escalating. But without any human clinical trials or post marketing surveillance, we may never know if these or other disorders like autism, obesity, and diabetes, are triggered or made worse by GMOs. We don't need to wait for more research to learn our lesson from the animals and the doctors."
If the pigs rejected the GMO corn, think about all the products you buy that contain corn oil, corn starch, corn syrup, etc., or any animal that may have been force fed corn. Think about this when you walk down the produce aisle too. Food that you may consider to be "natural" is not necessarily so.

But the leftists proceed with their plan. They are focusing on outlawing organic food and pushing GMO's on us. The Food Modernization Act of 2009 addresses such items as:
- genetically engineered food, animals, seeds, etc.
- attacks organic farming and promotes pesticides
- promotes genetically engineered animals as better for us to eat

Is it safe to eat plant food from the GMO seeds? Will the pesticides used be within the food itself?

When the FDA argues in court no one has the right to choose what they consume or drink or when the FDA raids an Amish farm, it is clearly a desperate cry to control our food supply. This is also evident when a man from Georgia was fined $5000 this week for growing too much food on his own property. Why shouldn't any American be allowed to grow their own food on their own property? And why should the government be able to restrict anyone or fine anyone for doing so?

The next time you go food shopping, take a good look at what you are buying. Think about it. Unless every ingredient is marked organic, then you are consuming GMOs. The government has made Americans it's own lab rats for experimentation without our consent. Are the GMOs genetically altering your DNA?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Government Handpicks Americans As It's Discrimination Victims

The basis for the founding of this great nation is that all people are created equal. It is what motivated the colonists to rise up and revolt against the king, breaking away from serfdom and servitude, and boldly, armed with their convictions, embarked on a new path. It is this notion that sets us apart from all other nations, and makes America exceptional by all accounts. It is what makes America the land of opportunity, making it possible for anyone to succeed based upon their own efforts, and without limitations.

The government, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten one of the basic principles of our foundation. There is a lot of discussion in the news debating about whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts. Every politician is focusing on what will keep them in office and allow them to continue their irresponsible behavior, instead of focusing on what is right.

While there are many articles, this particular one caught my attention, in which Cramer declares that millionaires should have to pay more tax . Why? If everyone is equal, why?

The politicians, journalists, pundits, etc. all have an opinion. Some say the cuts should be extended. Some say the cuts should expire.

Regardless of which opinion you support, where is the outrage for the discrimination of the tax law itself?

If all Americans are created equal, why is the government discriminating against a portion of Americans, requiring some Americans to pay more tax than others? And why do people continue to support this?

And as if discriminating against some Americans isn't enough, there is a growing percentage of the population that doesn't even pay any tax at all. To add insult to injury, these non-taxpayers actually receive a refund under the earned income tax credit provision! So the government takes the money from those who pay and gives it to those who don't.

In 2008, 36% of the population were paid off in that they didn't pay any tax and a whopping $70 BILLION was taken from the 64% who paid tax and given to those who paid none. Where is the equality?

The trend continues to get worse. In 2009, 47% of the population didn't pay any tax. Therefore, the remaining 53% of the population had to pay for the other 47% who paid nothing.

The non-payers are getting representation without taxation. This portion of the population no doubt keeps voting for the government discrimination, enabling them to continue to pay nothing. The more the government takes from the taxpayers, the less money these same taxpayers will have to hire anyone, thus resulting in more non-payers. What happens when more than half the population pays nothing? This is not sustainable.

While the government continues discriminating, they are simultaneously engaging in a redistribution of wealth.

And yet the government doesn't think the "wealthy" pays their fair share and should pay more by letting the tax cuts expire? Where is the fairness? Where is the equality, when they are already paying more than others?

So the government discriminates, apparently labeling those that actually pay taxes as "the wealthy", and doesn't think that taxpayers are entitled to keep the money that they have earned.

While the government and the media keep repeating the sound bite of "the wealthy", I invite you to view the 2001 tax rates after the cuts and the 2000 tax rates charts before the cuts for your own comparison. For simplification, scroll to the last page of each link.
2001 IRS tax tables
2000 IRS tax tables

If we compare the charts, the tax rates are lower in 2001 for everyone, not just "the wealthy". Also, look at the tax brackets. In 2001, more of your income is also taxed at the lower rates. Are you ready to pay more? Do you think that is fair?


It is also interesting to point out, that a person making 125,000 versus 250,000 have such a huge difference in the amount of taxes paid. Making twice as much money, the 250,000 income taxpayer is not paying double that of the 125,000 income taxpayer, but significantly disproportionately more.

Furthermore, regarding the exorbitant tax rates themselves, if the church asks for 10% of one's income to support the church, why does the government need 40% and consider that not to be enough?

How is that fair? How is that equal? Where is the equal treatment under the law? Why is the government so nonchalantly discriminating against half the population and getting away with it? If everyone is created equal, why isn't it one tax rate for everyone?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/12 Teaparty March on DC 2010

Patriots once again descended upon the Capitol to remind the Traitors that We the People are the rulers of them, not the other way around. The theme of the rally was that "We'll remember in November", as well as criticizing the massive government spending and the blatant disregard of the Constitution and our individual rights and liberties. Teapartiers keep showing up to remind the government of these issues, but they keep ignoring us. So the question is, will they hear us now?

These photos represent all types of Americans and who we really are as individuals. One thing can be said of this crowd, is these colors, the American colors, don't run.

Can you hear us now? I hope so, because the message is that we will be voting all of you out of office. So like the sign says, hey traitors, pack up your crap and get out!