Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Government Handpicks Americans As It's Discrimination Victims

The basis for the founding of this great nation is that all people are created equal. It is what motivated the colonists to rise up and revolt against the king, breaking away from serfdom and servitude, and boldly, armed with their convictions, embarked on a new path. It is this notion that sets us apart from all other nations, and makes America exceptional by all accounts. It is what makes America the land of opportunity, making it possible for anyone to succeed based upon their own efforts, and without limitations.

The government, on the other hand, seems to have forgotten one of the basic principles of our foundation. There is a lot of discussion in the news debating about whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts. Every politician is focusing on what will keep them in office and allow them to continue their irresponsible behavior, instead of focusing on what is right.

While there are many articles, this particular one caught my attention, in which Cramer declares that millionaires should have to pay more tax . Why? If everyone is equal, why?

The politicians, journalists, pundits, etc. all have an opinion. Some say the cuts should be extended. Some say the cuts should expire.

Regardless of which opinion you support, where is the outrage for the discrimination of the tax law itself?

If all Americans are created equal, why is the government discriminating against a portion of Americans, requiring some Americans to pay more tax than others? And why do people continue to support this?

And as if discriminating against some Americans isn't enough, there is a growing percentage of the population that doesn't even pay any tax at all. To add insult to injury, these non-taxpayers actually receive a refund under the earned income tax credit provision! So the government takes the money from those who pay and gives it to those who don't.

In 2008, 36% of the population were paid off in that they didn't pay any tax and a whopping $70 BILLION was taken from the 64% who paid tax and given to those who paid none. Where is the equality?

The trend continues to get worse. In 2009, 47% of the population didn't pay any tax. Therefore, the remaining 53% of the population had to pay for the other 47% who paid nothing.

The non-payers are getting representation without taxation. This portion of the population no doubt keeps voting for the government discrimination, enabling them to continue to pay nothing. The more the government takes from the taxpayers, the less money these same taxpayers will have to hire anyone, thus resulting in more non-payers. What happens when more than half the population pays nothing? This is not sustainable.

While the government continues discriminating, they are simultaneously engaging in a redistribution of wealth.

And yet the government doesn't think the "wealthy" pays their fair share and should pay more by letting the tax cuts expire? Where is the fairness? Where is the equality, when they are already paying more than others?

So the government discriminates, apparently labeling those that actually pay taxes as "the wealthy", and doesn't think that taxpayers are entitled to keep the money that they have earned.

While the government and the media keep repeating the sound bite of "the wealthy", I invite you to view the 2001 tax rates after the cuts and the 2000 tax rates charts before the cuts for your own comparison. For simplification, scroll to the last page of each link.
2001 IRS tax tables
2000 IRS tax tables

If we compare the charts, the tax rates are lower in 2001 for everyone, not just "the wealthy". Also, look at the tax brackets. In 2001, more of your income is also taxed at the lower rates. Are you ready to pay more? Do you think that is fair?


It is also interesting to point out, that a person making 125,000 versus 250,000 have such a huge difference in the amount of taxes paid. Making twice as much money, the 250,000 income taxpayer is not paying double that of the 125,000 income taxpayer, but significantly disproportionately more.

Furthermore, regarding the exorbitant tax rates themselves, if the church asks for 10% of one's income to support the church, why does the government need 40% and consider that not to be enough?

How is that fair? How is that equal? Where is the equal treatment under the law? Why is the government so nonchalantly discriminating against half the population and getting away with it? If everyone is created equal, why isn't it one tax rate for everyone?

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