Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mass Arrests Planned for Tea Partiers

We are now entering further into the abyss of the darkest era of our nation, as Obama subtlety unveils his plans to utilize the military against American citizens. Apparently, the Constitutional right to peacefully assemble must have been overlooked, or perhaps Obama skipped class the day the lecture on the Constitution was being taught.

It seems that Obama called the SWAT team on your grandma.

I know, I know, grandma looks threatening. Perhaps she used sugar and real butter in her all American apple pie and the Obama obese police wanted to put a stop to this heinous crime.

Seriously though, when I heard about this I thought it must be a joke. When you view the photos and watch the video, you can see that this is not only real, but it is probably the most ridiculous use of the SWAT team in it's history.

Aside from being idiotic to call the SWAT team on the tea partiers, it is very telling about how the Obama administration really sees Americans with such contempt, as well as disdain towards a citizen's basic Constitutional rights.

Obama is not concerned with our real enemies and threats to our nation such as himself, Islamic extremists, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, or with protecting our borders from criminals sneaking into the country in the dark of night.

No, Obama considers the real threat to this nation to be you, the American citizen, but for Obama the threat is not against the nation as it is. Obama sees Americans and their dissent as a serious threat to his plan to transform America into a dictatorship, as a real threat to what he wants America to be, not to what She is now.

If you think this is far fetched, please check out these military intel advisories from last weekend for Fort Knox regarding the army preparing for the "immediate" threat of "Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA Party".

The first advisory is from April 23rd, and then it was updated on April 26th.

Yes, you read that correctly, "tea partiers" are terrorists. Of course we have known for a year now that the DHS and Napolitano considers "right wing extremists" and "Constitutionalists" to be terrorists, while ignoring our real enemies and the threats they pose. So this is no surprise. However, declaring tea partiers as defiant to "regulations" and to issue this order against tea partiers who were "stating that it is their right to demonstrate against the government for redress of wrongs" is completely alarming to say the least.

What is even more disturbing is the report contains this one sentence that "local detention centers are being made ready for mass arrests". Did our Commander-In-Chief issue an order for "mass arrests" of tea partiers who he considers to be a threat to the nation? Isn't this the order of a dictator, to arrest dissenters, rather than the orders of a president in a republic?

And why is Obama planning to utilize the military to carry out these orders? The military have taken an oath to support and defend our Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic." How can the military carry out orders against those that are not enemies of the Constitution, and instead as citizens also acting to support and defend our Constitution by peacefully assembling?

Were the SWAT maneuvers and this military order a practice run to implement martial law and to round up Americans who are dissenters of oppression and want to remain free? Is this a plan to gain full control of the land by removing those in his way?

If that is the case, I am sure you are wondering where he would put all of us. Well, wonder no more.

The government has a long list of options readily available to detain citizens, which makes Fort Knox an interesting location for this military order to have occurred. For those who are not aware, there are FEMA camps throughout the nation, and they are already prepared and ready to hold citizens "in case of a national emergency". One of these camps just happens to be at or near Fort Knox. Scroll down to page 13 here for details.

So we should now all be wondering, what exactly does Obama consider to be a "national emergency"? We know he doesn't consider the threat of nuclear war in this category, but does a national emergency include tea partiers and anti-government protesters? Will Obama's version of the KGB be pulling you from your bed in the wee hours of the night as in communist Russia when citizens just disappeared without a trace? Perhaps citizens should be substituting themselves with the Obama administration on the DHS list of threats to our nation. I don't know about you, but I think I am going to be sleeping with one eye open.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Puerto Rico, the 51st (or 58th) State of Utter Despair?

The House will vote this week on HR 2499, to make Puerto Rico a state. Our incompetent government seems intent on enacting every possible law to damage the nation as much as possible without considering the impact, as if there wasn't enough financial woes already ailing the 50 states the US already has (or 57 states if you are Obama).

I received this action item for citizens to contact their representatives and ask them to vote no.[capwiz:queue_id
"Why we do not want Puerto Rico admitted as the 51st state:
- The U.S. would transform, overnight, into a bilingual nation. At least half of Puerto Ricans do not speak English, the language of our U.S. Constitution and founding documents. The Washington Times article, "Puerto Rican statehood," analyzes all the implications of adding a foreign language-speaking state to the Union.
- It would bring immediate demands for massive federal spending. The average income of Puerto Ricans is less than half that of our poorest state, and infrastructure and the environment are far below American standards. Puerto Rico has a population with a median national income of $17,741, nearly a third below that for the U.S.
- Puerto Rico is already a democracy. Despite the bill's deceptive title, Puerto Rico already has an elected government and exists as a self-governed commonwealth of the U.S.
- Statehood would give Puerto Rico more congressional representation than 25 of our 50 states! It would inevitably give Democrats two additional U.S. Senators and 6 to 8 additional Members of the House."

A true patriot would object to this bill, not because they harbor ill will for the people of Puerto Rico as the left will probably allege, but object on the grounds that it is not what is best for America as a nation.

Aside from the noted bi-lingual issues and the fact that Puerto Rico is already a democracy, statehood would assist the statists to accomplish their objectives to achieve control of the nation they plan to destroy. If we consider some background information on Puerto Rico, it is easy to see why statehood is useful to the statists.

According to the CIA Worldfact book, Puerto Rico's population of almost 4 million has an average annual income of $17,200, a labor force of 1.5 million (as of 2007) and negative economic growth.

First, in addition to the statists' other proposed bills to add felons and illegal aliens to the voting rolls, this bill will enable them to add another 4 million non-taxpaying voters to the voter roll. This is just an another additional attempt to leave no stone unturned to steal the election, further enabling them to achieve their ultimate goal of a welfare state.

The financial impact of the 4 million on the nation will be devastating. Since they will be below the poverty level, they will be draining the US taxpayer of free services, getting housing, food stamps, welfare, free health care, etc., and contributing nothing to our economy.

They will also collect social security without having paid anything into the system. Social security is already on the verge of bankruptcy as it is inflicted with such significant unfunded liabilities that leaves the existing taxpayers without funds to collect. It is bad enough that the system is bankrupt, and that illegals already collect social security without having paid anything, but is is even more outrageous to add an additional 4 million people to this ponzi scheme.

So with a population below the US poverty level, 2.5 million unemployed, and a shrinking economy, what does the US gain from considering making Puerto Rico a state? In a word, nothing. Unless you are a statist of course, in which you will gain a stronger foothold in control of a nation and be steps closer to achieving the dream of tyranny and an oppressive regime.

What does Puerto Rico gain from becoming a state? It gains the status of being a welfare state, as Puerto Ricans pay the ultimate price when they forfeit their freedom, thus rendering them a state, and a state of utter despair at that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Greece Slips and Slides in a Downward Spiral

Greece's financial woes have been mounting for over a year now, but the rest of the world seems to have only started paying attention in the last 6 months.

The signs were there in January 2009 but many didn't seem to notice, and this article's analysis did not seem to think that a bond default was a possibility.

Unfortunately, the downward spiral of Greece will not be contained to Greece, as this impacts the Euro, as well as everyone else. While Greece may be looking for a bailout from Germany, Germans are a practical, thrifty, people and I don't think a bailout is going to be acquired so easily. Germany will be looking at the risk and the return on investment. This doesn't look good for Greece, when you think of what does Greece actually produce?

Greece may have tourism as an industry, but in a downward economy, tourism suffers. Since Greece is a socialist economy without other industries that are significant enough to generate sufficient economic growth and revenue in tax dollars, and it is plagued with citizens looting the producers, how will the debt be paid? Eventually the bill will come due.

Raising taxes is a habit of the excessive government spending regimes, but there is not enough revenue from it's own citizens to tax. So Greece is turning elsewhere, and has tourists on their radar. Taxing the one industry that generates revenue is completely idiotic, as it will discourage tourism as tourists will seek to spend their money elsewhere to get more value for their money. Britain seems to be assessing the additional taxes to be imposed.
"The constant in these examples is a country that, for a period, is allowed to live well beyond its means – in most cases by yoking its currency to another, and borrowing like there's no tomorrow. When tomorrow eventually arrives, investors wise up, realise their money is at risk, and get the hell out of there."

"Everyone knows that, at some point, our Government must tackle the deficit and overhaul the welfare state, which is the largest drain on the public finances."

Greece's welfare state of borrowing and spending is coming back to haunt them. S&P downgraded Greece debt to BB status, and that may not be the bottom.
"The downgrade put Greece on par with Romania and below Kazakhstan, Hungary and Iceland, the last of which rocked global markets when its main banks imploded at the start of the global financial crisis."

"S&P cited the political, economic, and budgetary challenges that the Greek government faces in its efforts to put the public debt burden onto a sustained downward trajectory."

"Even if Greece obtains international aid this year and over the next few years, many analysts think its uncompetitive economy may continue to struggle in the euro zone's monetary straitjacket, ultimately forcing a debt default."

The main issues are that the Greek government is corrupt, the economy is socialist, and the debt ratio to the GDP is unsustainable.

Unless you have investments in Greek government bonds, you may be wondering why you should care. If you look at the Greek model, and look at the current Obama administration's spending and socialist policies, it is clear that Obama is bringing America down the same path as Greece. Eventually, the US debt will be just as unsustainable, there won't be enough revenue to tax, and the economy will come to a crash. If Greece is now on par with Romania, where will America end up?

Monday, April 26, 2010

When the Wind Blows, Will We Blow Up Too?

For those of us that prefer to stay alive, our national security is a high priority in keeping us safe. Obama's most recent nuclear conference and intent to disarm us is endangering not just the nation, but the very continuation of the world's existence itself. This is a very real threat, unfortunately, and not the result or paranoia or an active imagination.

Unlike the rest of us, perhaps this delusion from reality is due to Obama growing up in Indonesia, and not experiencing the reality of the cold war as an American, with the idea that the "Russians were coming". During the cold war and the Cuban missile crisis, the idea that the world could be blown up by our enemies was a very real threat, and a valid one at that.

Just because the fall of communism occurred in the USSR and the cold war is officially over, does not mean that the world is a safe place and we can all ride off into the sunset on unicorns chasing rainbows. America, and the world for that matter, still has enemies. There will always be evil men, and there will always be the need to maintain the ability to defend ourselves, and of course keep us alive. Pretending we don't have enemies or that there are no evil men in the world, will not make them suddenly have a change of heart and abandon their agenda for world destruction.

Everyone seems to understand this except for Obama himself. Or does he?

I have always been disturbed by the quote from Obama's book, Audacity of Hope, in which he stated "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."

Let's give this some serious thought. In keeping with the left's denial of reality, the 9/11 attacks were not a one time isolated incident. The left conveniently forgets that the Iranians took the hostages in 1979 and held them for 444 days, and that this was just the beginning of many Islamic terrorist acts that were carried out over the years. So if this is the case, singling out Islamic terrorist groups is merely identifying our enemies, which is a necessary step if we are to formulate a strategy for our defense.

Given the current state of the world, and the number of Islamic terrorist groups and attacks around the world thus far, why would Obama declare that he would stand with the enemy and not in defense of America?

I invite you to watch this PJTV video, entitled "The Censorship Agenda: Obama bans Islam", in which Obama re-writes the dictionary leaving out all the bad words, as if not saying them will somehow protect us.

Is Obama in denial of our enemies? Or is he really protecting them?

Obama's plan to rid ourselves of nuclear weapons does nothing to protect us if our enemies still have them. It only makes us weak and defenseless.
"In the meantime, he has approved a new nuclear policy for the United States, promising last week to reduce America's nuclear arsenal, refrain from nuclear tests, and not use nuclear weapons against countries that do not have them. North Korea and Iran were not included in that pledge because they do not cooperate with other countries on nonproliferation standards."

Gaffney thinks that Iran could be armed with nuclear weapons any day now. If this is the case, why is Obama planning to disarm us?
"The Iranian regime, on the other hand, “is convinced, according to its theology, that bringing back the twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, the messiah figure, is their highest purpose, and in order to do that, according to their religious beliefs, something very much like the apocalypse needs to take place. It seems to me the height of folly to think you’ll be able to dissuade them from pursuing that end, perhaps by starting a nuclear war."
“If we think we can deter mullahs who are committed to an apocalyptic, messianic program, we’re kidding ourselves.”

Clearly what drives the Islamic terrorists is not about oil, land, power, or the leftist illusions of their need to understand their culture. A goal to destroy the world and bring about the apocalypse is not a culture. It is evil, pure evil.

Now that Obama has revealed his plan to neuter us, rendering our defense department useless and unable to defend us, is he the catalyst causing the shift in which way the wind blows? And if so, will we be blown up as a result?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Illegal Aliens in the Crossfire of Arizona and DC

Once again, Obama needs to read the Constitution. Yes, THAT document which he took an oath to uphold. Obama seems to intentionally breach his oath, as no one can be this clueless as to what it contains.

Arizona has an immigration bill which is intended to crack down on the infiltration of illegal immigrants spilling over the Mexican border. This is a huge problem in Arizona and needs to be addressed.

Obama sees this as a threat to his plan to destroy America and making it a socialist regime, as Arizona's crackdown would mean less people in America getting government handouts. Illegal aliens will tip the scales of the electorate. This is why Obama wants amnesty for illegal aliens, so that more people reliant on government will further erode our economy and drain on the producers of society, bringing us that much closer to a police state.

Obama seems to forget that he is elected by the US citizens, and he is there to serve us, not the illegal immigrants.

The Constitution starts off with "we the people of the United States". So the Constitutional rights apply to us, not to foreigners who illegally entered our country. Hence our Constitutional civil rights apply to US citizens, not citizens of the world.

Then there is the 10th amendment which Obama seems to completely ignore. It is Arizona's right to create such a law for the residents of Arizona. The federal government does not have the power to override the state's sovereignty.

On a side note, I also came across this tidbit on Sharpton. Only Al Sharpton would try to spin enforcing illegal immigration as racial profiling.

Sharpton is wrong on this as racial profiling. He is also wrong on illegals taking jobs away from ALL Americans. I am sure that the 26 million who are unemployed would like a chance to hold one of the jobs held by illegal aliens.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Government Warlords Reign Over Your Food

The liberal government is continuously passing laws and actions that are made to appear as if they are in the people's best interest, when if fact it is really about control. So it is no surprise that controlling our food and food supply would be on their agenda.

As a conservative, I believe in freedom and not infringing upon the rights of others, even if someone chooses to live their life differently from me. In regards to the Amish, while I may not choose to live their lifestyle, I don't think they are harming anyone or breaking any laws. I have been to the Amish country in Pennsylvania. They are peaceful religious citizens, who live a quiet, modest, life amongst themselves.

So why is the government raiding an Amish farm at 5am?
"Stockton warned the requirement now is for federal agents to claim they have 'credible evidence' regarding a case, but a proposed federal change would strike those words in the law and replace them with 'reason to believe'."
"The phrase 'reason to believe' would be inserted 14 times into the code with S 510If this bill goes through, the FDA will have control of farms. They will not need 'credible evidence' to act. They will essentially be given a free hand to act as they want. And look at how they already act, even with the existing constraints in place."
Will we have an FDA czar that unconstitutionally seizes farms and food, dictating to the public, and leaving Americans begging for food?

Before you think this is a ridiculous idea, just take a look at the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009.
This is another government takeover of our food and food supply. The bill addresses such items as genetically engineered food, animals, seeds, etc.
- Why attack organic farming and promote pesticides? Isn't it healthier to consume natural foods?
- How would genetically engineered animals be better for us to eat? Isn't it the products with chemicals that make people sick?
- Why would genetically engineered seeds be forced upon us instead of those from natural sources? Will the plants grown from them have traces of chemicals in it?
- Will they be going after your grandmother and her vegetable garden?

Once the statists control our food, they can control the masses, just as in communist nations. People desperate for food may forfeit their freedoms in order to eat.

But the statists will never reveal their master plan. Instead, they keep their true agenda a secret and proceed by stealth, and they will go after anyone that gets in their way, even those the common sense general public does not deem to be a threat.

When the statist starts to go after the simple Amish farmer, alarms bells should be going off everywhere. We are on the brink of a police state.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

True Financial Reform for Wall Street? It Needs to Turn Right

Obama is on a crusade to destroy the economy, with his new victim being Wall Street. It never ceases to amaze me as the left implements flawed economic policies, blames everyone else, and then proposes solutions to fix them which will only cause more problems. It doesn't make sense that those responsible should be in charge to fix their own mess, but that doesn't seem to stop them.

Obama spoke at Coopers Union (code for communist university) in NYC today. He tried to drum up support for the takeover of the financial industry, under the guise of "financial reform".
"Taking his argument for stronger oversight of the financial industry to the city where the economic meltdown began, Obama said it was essential that we learn the lessons of this crisis, so we don't doom ourselves to repeat it."

"And make no mistake, that is exactly what will happen if we allow this moment to pass."

Obama's quote is correct in one sense, but not how he intended. The financial crisis will in fact continue and be repeated, if corrections are not made. But the corrections needed are not a takeover of the financial industry. The corrections needed are for government to get out of the way, stop interfering with the free market, and repeal the laws that government passed which caused the crisis in the first place.

So, let's look at how we REALLY got to this point.

The Community Reinvestment Act in 1977, thanks to leftist Jimmy Carter, was the start of this debacle. This served as the catalyst for other changes, straight through to leftist Bill Clinton, in which the legislation was changed. Thanks to both of these economically impaired presidents, banks were able to loan money to people who couldn't pay it back.

The difference between the two acts, however, is huge.

Prior to Clinton, banks were not required to make risky loans, but if they did, they were required to carry these loans on their balance sheets. This discouraged banks from making volumes of bad loans, and taking huge risks. So if banks did make some risky loans, and those borrowers defaulted, the banks were able to absorb the losses without going bust.

The legislation signed by Clinton, however, changed everything. Banks were required to make these risky loans, but they were NOT required to keep them on their balance sheets. Therefore, the banks complied with the law, but sold off the risky loans like hot potatoes, as soon as possible.

Where did banks sell off these loans? To Wall Street, of course. Wall Street did what Wall Street does, which is to buy and sell, making money for it's investors. This is the free market enterprise, and investing in something for profit is the whole point in investing in the first place. Making a profit from one's investments is not a crime, unlike the left would have you believe.

These loans became another investment, another item to sell, so they were analyzed, sliced and diced, bought and sold in pieces, and hence we have the birth of the derivative.

Risks were assessed as with any investment. But by now, the trail from an economically flawed government mandate has run cold.

Interestingly, even the NY Slimes reported on this in 1999, and the impact it would have on the economy if things took a turn for the worse.

The left has conveniently shed it's connections to the dirty tricks it played on the economy and refuses to take responsibility for the turmoil and path of destruction that it caused.

What was the left's ulterior motive of these acts?

It was all in the name of stealing from the producers in society and giving it to the looters. It is anti-American. True American values as such that if a person cannot afford to buy something, it means that they can't buy it. But the left doesn't think someone who earns something has a right to keep it. Instead the left believes that those who didn't earn something, have the right to steal it from others.

For the left, it is about achieving their socialist dream, redistributing the wealth of those who have earned it, and giving it to those who have not.

The left continues to proceed on their endless pursuit for destroying the economy and achieving a fictional utopia of marxism. So they implement these catastrophic chaotic policies, then pretend they didn't do it, and declare it is someone else's fault when everything comes crashing down.

It is true. We need financial reform. however, the financial reform does not entail another leftist boondoggle, . The financial reform that is needed is for government to get out of the way, and get out of our wallets.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party

I attended the Teaparty365 tax day tea party in NYC. It was difficult to tell how many people were there, since they had us barricaded off like cattle along both sides of 8th Avenue.

One advantage to that spot was that the passing traffic was inconvenienced by the closing off of a couple of lanes, and had to go slow when passing by, thus enabling them to observe the event, hear the speakers, and see the signs.

I positioned myself on the edge of the barricade, so as to ensure the passing traffic could see my signs. There were some passersby that beeped and cheered. There were some that were mere onlookers with curiosity. And there were some kool aid drinkers that flipped us the bird and/or called us names.

My favorite kool aid drinker was a black man driving a limousine who called me a racist upon reading my sign, which referenced the 12 trillion in debt we now have thanks to the lousy government. I gave him a look of confusion, looked at my sign, and asked him how he concludes the government overspending HIS money is racist. He looked at me dumbfounded and had no response, not even an inaudible one. I can only hope that he went home that night to reflect upon it, and realized that as an American, that it was his hard earned money too and his future and his family's future that is at stake.

There were two tea party crashers that I saw. Or maybe I should call them tea party thrashers, since they were pushing tea partiers including my friend's mother. It takes a special kind of lowlife to push an older woman intentionally. They did get a warning from the cops. One of them was holding a sign that said some nonsensical comment about white racism on one side with the other saying "how do we expect anyone to pull themselves up by the bootstraps without boots being evenly distributed". I told the thrashers to buy the their own boots and stop looking to steal the boots off of others' feet. The thieves looked at me like a deer in headlights, completely oblivious as to where the money comes from and as if the concept of paying for themselves were foreign to them. I suppose if they actually understood basic economics, then they would be a tea partier instead of a tea party crasher. Here are two pictures of the thieves' signs.

Here is evidence that the lame stream media actually showed up to cover the event.

Here are a sample of pictures of the rally. I tried to capture the size of the crowd, but it was difficult with the barricades.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

All VAT Glitters is not Gold

The Obama administration's drug addict-like habit of spending is going to bring America to a crash from withdrawal, when there is no more money left to feed it's addiction. All those hailed as "wealthy" along with the middle class will join the poverty stricken if the addict-like administration succeeds in pushing it's drug on the masses, aka the VAT tax.

As an update to my blog post the other day on the VAT,
I thought I'd share with you this great article posted by the Wall Street Journal in which they state:
"The nonpartisan Tax Foundation recently calculated that to balance the U.S. federal budget with a VAT would require a rate of at least 18%."

It is interesting if we look at the chart provided, as Europe's VAT and income tax rates are compared to the USA. In these socialized nations with "free" health care, as well as higher unemployment and stunted economic growth, it is amazing that the left still hails that the VAT "works" in Europe.

Being that the proposed VAT will be in addition to income taxes in the USA, if implemented, the USA will top the world with the highest income tax rates, far surpassing Europe.

When the Bush tax rates expire, the top federal income tax rate will be 39.6%. This doesn't include the social security and medicare tax at 7.65%, nor does it include state and local city income taxes.

So if we add the 39.6%, 7.65% and the 18% required for the VAT, this will put the US tax rate at 65.25%! If the state and city income taxes are added to that, Americans will barely have enough left of their paycheck to eat. Oh, but don't worry, we will have "free" health care.

There is no gold at the end of the rainbow, and instead the VAT will just be bottomless pit. Clearly, all VAT glitters is not gold.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Education Plan Lacks History Lessons

The wise advice that we should "learn history lest we are destined to repeat it" could never be more true. While this is common sense, it seems that today's students are not being properly educated, they are not learning the lessons of the past, and are possibly dooming their own future. Now we have some statistics to support this trend.

The American Civic Literacy organization has a quiz to test college students on their basic knowledge of American history. You can take the quiz here.

It seems that today's students are failing miserably, and even being dumbed down.
"Half of the 14,000 incoming freshmen tested failed the 60-question multiple-choice test, getting just half the questions right. Worse, they barely know any more when they graduate, with seniors scoring 54 percent correct. No school, not even Harvard or Yale, got above a 69 percent average among seniors. Worse still, in some schools, students did worse coming out than going in."

For college students to fail these tests is beyond pathetic.

For the students whose test results revealed them to know less upon graduation, is it really that they knew less or that they knew less that was true?

It is well known that the left has been infiltrating our education system in order to indoctrinate our students into the leftist, fascist, and socialist ideology. Have they succeeded? The evidence is compelling that our union empowered government run education system is failing our students in providing a proper education.

Can this be reversed? Is it too late for today's youth?

Luckily there are still some Americans who believe in the importance of a proper education and is standing up for what is right and best for the children. Just look at the battle that is occurring in North Carolina for example.

North Carolina is not the only state that has this debate. The whole issue is ridiculous. This shouldn't even be a debate. I'd like to know from those who support this, as to how can the nation's history prior to the civil war be erased.

Just as a house cannot be built without a foundation, how can today's students understand the essence of what it means to be an American, if they don't learn our history and how America came to be?

What meaning will the American revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution hold in the minds of future Americans if this isn't taught?

Granted, there are parts of our history that are not right, such as slavery. But what meaning will the Civil Rights Act have if there is no knowledge of the civil war and what brought us to this point?

These students will be deprived not only of the knowledge of history, but of love of country. This of course is the ultimate goal of the statist, so as to be able to easily render the population under government control. If the citizens have no love of country and appreciation for the battles for freedom that were fought and won, they will not have any motivation to fight to keep it. The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Pork VAT Will Roast Us

Instead of trimming the fat, it is clear that the government porkers continue to stuff themselves to the point in which America will burst. With 48% of the population not paying any tax, the economy is getting to the point where it is nothing but fat. It is time to point some fingers. While there is plenty of guilt to go around, let's focus on the most recent porker, as the Citizens Against Government Waste website has named the Porker of the Month for March.
"Porker of the Month is a dubious honor given to lawmakers, government officials, and political candidates who have shown a blatant disregard for the interests of taxpayers."

And the winner is? Drum roll please. Well, what a surprise. This month's esteemed award is granted to none other than Rep Louise Slaughter.

While I have nominated porkers in the past and even tracked porkers in the hall of shame, unless I am mistaken I think Slaughter qualifies for the largest pork roast so far, as she weighs in at 2.3 TRILLION dollars of taxpayers money.

Talk about fat. This debt is going to be burning through America's wallets for generations with no end in sight. Somehow, the porker was thrown into the barbecue pit, and even though America rejected the invitation, we were forced to attend anyway. Now normally I like barbecues, but this suckling pig roast is in essence a massive entitlement that will suck the lifeblood out of the nation's economy.

Of course after all the lying and deceit, now the porkers have worked up quite an appetite for America's livelihood, and now they have to figure out how to pay for it all. But how? Another drum roll please.

Enter the Pork VAT.

Because Americans aren't taxed enough, let's add another tax, the VAT, onto an already smoldering roast of an economy.

In fact, let's add false claims that "it works in Europe", because Europe's staggering economy, high unemployment, rationed health care, stunted economic growth, and suicidal socialistic policies are a prime example of what we would want to duplicate in America.

Sure, why stick with capitalistic policies that employ people and result in economic growth and a thriving economy, when we can just throw everyone into the fire and burn everything until there is nothing left?

America needs to reject this barbecue invitation, and be even louder than ever. Be sure to attend a tax day tea party this week in your area. If we are silent, America will be the one thrown into the pit, and the pork VAT will roast us down to the bare bones.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Alert: Tea Party Crashers

I received this information by email and would like to pass it along. There are counter protestors expected at the tax day tea party rallies. Beware of the marxists trying to infiltrate the tea party.

Free Republic has some great information on who these trolls are.

Here is their website and some excerpts from it.

WHO WE ARE, Crash The Tea Party style, is a lesson in Marxism 101: “A nationwide network of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who are sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racists, homophobes, and morons; who constitute the fake grass-roots movement which calls itself “The Tea Party.”

“WHAT WE WANT: To dismantle and demolish the Tea Party by any non-violent means necessary.

“HOW WE WILL SUCCEED: By infiltrating the Tea Party itself! In an effort to propagate their pre-existing propensity for paranoia and suspicion…We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies.”

“We will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them. We will also use the inside information that we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.” (Emphasis CFP’s). [Canada Free Press]

If you see any of these traitors near you and trying to stir up trouble, please alert the police and have them escorted away.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Coffee Party Calling the Kettle Black

It is no secret that the left resorts to name calling and insults in an effort to silence the dissenters to the catastrophic policies being implemented by the Obama administration and all the other leftist pawns in play. This has been a tactic of the left for years, and is not anything new.

The left routinely invokes the race card as they play their game to seek and destroy. This is one of the highest insults among insults that one can call another. Of course, no one wants to be called a racist, but who really are the racists here?

While I pondered all of this, it occurred to me that the left should be looking at themselves in the mirror when they play the race card.

Obama himself invoked the race card repeatedly through his campaign, and continues to do so as president, be it by him or through one of his surrogate lackeys.

Senator Byrd, who still serves and continues to be elected, was in the KKK in his youth. He has since apologized for it. Whether or not it is sincere, is only known to himself and God. But let's say we give him the benefit of the doubt. The left dismisses this as if it were a mere traffic violation instead of the grotesque crime against humanity that it is. If this were someone on the right, I highly doubt the left would be so forgiving, or that we wouldn't still be hearing about it from the left at every given opportunity possible.

One of my favorites in hypocrisy is the left's filibuster for 54 days of the civil rights bill in 1964. The left has since hijacked this history and constantly claims it as their own accomplishment, and continuously proceeds to call the right racists whenever the right opposes any socialist policies proposed by the left. The left never discusses their own objections and actions to block this bill to right this wrong in our nation, but instead deflects their own actions onto the right as if those on the right were the guilty ones. The left never considers that the right is opposing the socialist policies based upon their merit, or lack thereof, but instead invokes the race card.

No one would argue that there are bad apples in every group, but where is the evidence supporting the left's allegations that the tea partiers and those on the right are racists?

If we consider the statistics from a Gallup poll, it tells an interesting story.
"Is the Tea Party as racist as the media and leading Democrats have portrayed? Gallup’s demos of the Tea Party look very close to that of the overall American demos on ethnicity. Whites make up 79% of the Tea Party and 75% of the population; blacks, 6% of the Tea Party and 11% of the population; and “other” in the Tea Party exactly matches the general population at 15%."
If we analyze the actual math of these statistics, if blacks are 6% of the tea partiers out of a black population of 11%, this means that out of a population of 300 million, 33 million are black, which would be 18 million black tea partiers. So 18 million out of 33 million is about half of the black population. Common sense tells you that these are patriotic Americans opposing policies. The same can be said of all tea partiers. This is all about policy and nothing to do with race.

Breitbart ran a story about black conservatives. It is no surprise that these patriotic Americans are being insulted, instead of viewing the reality that they oppose bad policies. David Webb, a co-founder of Teaparty365 is quoted here. I have met David and he is a patriotic American standing up for what is right. It is shameful that some have chosen to insult him when he deserves respect for participating in trying to right another wrong that is taking place in this nation. Kudos to David.

Of course there is the allegations of racism, spitting, and the "n" word from the code red rally against health care in DC. The muttering of the "n" word has yet to be proven. Breitbart has offered a $100,000 reward to any proof captured on video. I have watched this video many times. All I hear is kill the bill. Having been at the rally, I can confirm that there were cameras everywhere amongst the 50,000 people. The crowd was very loud. Even if someone did yell the "n" word, which I highly doubt, I don't think anyone could have heard it from all the commotion. The truth is more likely that this is another false allegation trying to demonize tea partiers who object to the government takeover of our health care. As far as the spit allegation, it seems more like spittle to me and I see no evidence of spitting. I encourage you to watch the video and you decide if you can see or hear anything.

And last but not least, let's not forget about another patriotic black American who was assaulted for being a tea partier. It is disgraceful.

As I considered all of this, it occurred to me, that time after time, the left continues to play the race card as if no one will notice. While the Saul Alinsky tactics may have worked in the past, the left may continue to invoke these tactics but they overlook the obvious. For one, we now have you tube and everything is documented. No one needs to rely on hearsay. Secondly, name calling will not result in scaring the tea partiers. The left's lack of understanding of this is rooted in the fact that they don't understand what drives tea partiers in the first place. So the left can continue with the name calling and insults, but we can see that they are hypocrites. It is just the coffee party calling the tea kettle black.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Have a Right To Be Unemployed

It seems that ambitious students wishing to acquire useful job skills and a chance at future employment are being deprived of their right to the pursuit of happiness. This is all thanks to Obama the Superzero, as he ruled from the Ratcave, by banning college internships in the free market, as reported this week.

Aside from Obama's extreme hatred for the free market and agenda to destroy the nation, it is apparent that if Obama ever held a real job or even an internship, he would understand the value of what his ban entails.

Being a self-proclaimed academic, Obama cannot grasp the concept of real life experience because he has none. For those of us that work in the real world, we know that not everything is learned in school out of a textbook.

I can attest to this from personal experience, as the student and as a manager. I personally had an internship when I was in college in my field of study, making a pittance of a salary, but it wasn't about the money. My purpose was to learn something and obtain real life experience in my field. I gained something more valuable than a few bucks. It made me more valuable to potential employers upon graduation. Employers that are in the business to make a profit prefer hiring employees that will add value to the business, and an internship demonstrated my ambition to those employers making me more employable.

When I had the opportunity, I have hired interns for the purpose of providing students with experience in the real world and some job skills that they might find useful after graduation. Some have contacted me after they started their careers, thanking me for the experience, as they came to realize the value of the internship. I am sure that they will do the same for someone else when they have the opportunity.

Employers that make a profit are comprised by people who drive that great engine towards success. The people are the heart and soul of a successful company. Companies that make a profit are not evil, they are the backbone of the nation and provide employment to millions.

Obama however demonizes companies that exist to make a profit, as he favors non-profit organizations. Of course non-profit organizations serve a purpose, but a student should not be penalized if that is not their choice of employment.

America is a nation of individuals. This is a venomous concept for the statist, who does not value the individual, so anything that encourages an individual to exercise their right to pursue happiness as a individual is despised.

The statist wants to make everyone the same, and proceeds to achieve this by depriving everyone of individual freedom. If two individuals are free and one is ambitious and one isn't, the ambitious one will achieve something and the lazy one will achieve nothing. The statist thinks this isn't fair for the lazy person to have nothing, despite having not extended any effort for anything.

In communist regimes, one of the tactics to subdue the people is to remove incentives, so that a person's efforts will be pointless as one cannot achieve anything more than the state allows. By Obama banning college internships, he is using the same tactics. The end result will be a future generation of lazy unemployed citizens with no job skills who will pursue nothing as they will not see any benefit to their efforts. It will be devastating.

I hope the great companies in this nation provide internships and opportunities to tomorrow's students and ignore this unconstitutional ban on depriving these students of their right to pursue their own happiness. Otherwise, all you will have is a right to be unemployed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Harry, Harry, Quite Contrary

For those of us who have been paying attention, we know that Harry Reid holds a certain disdain for the American people. It never ceases to amaze me at how he continually strives to reach a new low as he outright lies and insults the American people, all at the same time. It takes a "special" kind of talent to be such a deviant.

Right now, Reid isn't so popular in Nevada, so you would think that he would try to at least pretend he hears the people he is supposed to represent. It is not like there are a few dissenters either, and they could be easily overlooked. Quite the contrary. There was a tea party in Reid's home town and they came out in droves.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case maybe 10,0000, if we look at the aerial photos taken of the March 27th tea party held in Reid's home town. If the population is only 800, and 10,000 showed up, I'd say that speaks volumes.

A little over a week later, Reid held a rally in his home town to kick off his election campaign.

Out of a town of 800, only about 100 showed up. No one camped out the prior night to get a good seat. No one sat in traffic from neighboring towns to hear their zero speak. You would think that the massive tea party showing versus a few stragglers at his rally would be a wake up call, but it wasn't.

At the last minute, if he had any sense at all, he would have at least ad libbed. Granted, he had plenty of time to craft a creative message of deceit to present the illusion of the people's voices being heard. Did he do that? Nope. He continues to believe he is a legend in his own mind.

So what did Reid have to say? In regards to the tea partiers, Reid said:
"The people who are really upset don't really know why they're upset."

Is he kidding? The people understand the health care bill and they don't like it. That is why they are angry and upset, and they know exactly why they are that way. It is so insulting to the American people to allege that they are just cluelessly reacting without rhyme or reason.

Reid also said this:
"The loud minority made a lot of noise [opposing ObamaCare]. Now that the legislation passed, it's amazing how much different people's attitude is. ... So everybody acknowledges, with rare exception, that what we did was terrific and if there's some problems in the out years, we'll be happy to take a look at that."

Reid completely disregards the polls in which the majority of Americans opposed the bill, along with the millions of phone calls, faxes, emails, and protesters, dismissing it all by declaring them the "loud minority".

Who is "everybody"? Who thinks it is "terrific"? The "rare exception" is actually the minority portion of the population that favored the bill, not the "loud minority" that objected to it profusely.

There there is the "if there are problems" statement. Is it "if" or "when"? Everyone knows that this government takeover intended to control the people is going to bankrupt the nation and destroy our health care system, leaving us worse off than we are now. Everyone knows this, except the three stooges, Reid, Pelosi, and Obama, along with all the other leftist pawns in their game.

Yet Reid doesn't let this stop him from lying and insulting the American people. Perhaps his brain is incapable of grasping big grown up thoughts. Even the visual of the tea party crowd of 10,000 versus the coffee party clotch of 100 didn't jive with his two brain cells. Perhaps he needs something simple like a nursery rhyme to understand? So, this one's for you Harry.

Harry Harry quite contrary,
How did your rally go?
With lies to tell and spin to sell
To all the empty chairs in a row.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama Insecurities: The Right to Bare Arms

The Preamble to the Constitution declares it's purpose, which includes to provide for the national defense. Maintaining our security and our arsenal so that the nation is always prepared for our defense should be the top priority. After all, if we don't exist, there is no freedom or people to protect. Obama has rejected this responsibility, as he plans to make us insecure and leave us without arms.

This is coming to fruition as Obama announced his plan to reduce our nuclear weapons. The "road to zero" will really result in the US being reduced down to nothing.

Of course, if Obama were truly a constitutional scholar, he would be honoring his oath to uphold the constitution instead of putting the nation in danger.

But let's not rely on hearsay. Let's hear it in his own words. If we translate this video from Obamanomics, what Obama really says is that he will cut spending to save money at a cost of American lives and safety, breach his oath to uphold the constitution, and implement every policy possible that is designed to weaken the nation enabling our enemies to destroy us.

Obama lives a life of delusion and his policies will backfire. This is the hunter vs the hunted and he is turning us into prey. Our enemies will not retreat and go in search of other prey. Instead, our enemies will be beefing up their arsenals. Just like a wild animal on the hunt for food, our enemies will wait patiently until we are our most vulnerable, in order to launch their attack and move in for the kill. Our enemies' goal is not to maim us, it is for our destruction.

Out of all the polices implemented by Obama to date, this is by far the most dangerous and the biggest threat to our nation's security, to such an extent that such policies qualify him to be considered a domestic enemy committing a crime of treason against the nation.

As Commander-in-Chief, there is an obligation to protect and defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Obama should not be implementing polices that will leave us insecure, unprotected, unarmed, and without defense. Our arsenal should not be bare! It seems that Obama needs to read the Constitution, and learn that it says the right to bear arms not bare arms.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Economic Recovery: Fact or Fiction?

The government likes to put on a magic show, setting the stage to cast their illusions. While Obamaland makes grand gestures hiding behind the props and pretending to pull rabbits out of hats, the facts themselves tell quite a different story, as Lady America is actually getting sliced in half.

The DOW closed just below 11000 today and the government declares that the recovery has taken hold.
"The government's report Friday that the economy posted its biggest job gain in three years in March raised expectations that a recovery is taking hold. Reports Monday of strong improvements in demand at services businesses and in the housing market added to an optimistic mood among traders."

Before we break out the champagne, let's take a peek backstage at what is really going on behind the curtains.

Regarding the housing crisis, it seems today's report is in conflict with a move the federal reserve made barely two weeks ago, which is expected to hurt the economy.
"The Federal Reserve’s decision to allow mortgage-debt purchase programs to end this month could drive up home-loan rates and worsen the housing crisis"

Yahoo finance, had a great article noting 7 economic points that aren't what they seem.
In summary:
1. U.S. consumer spending - actually doing quite poorly
2. Home prices - raw data revealed a 0.2% dip — the fourth decline in a row
3. Consumer confidence - the reality: in recessions, this confidence index averages out to be 71.0, and in expansions, it averages 102.0.
4. The ISM index - the orders-to-inventories ratio slid to a level suggesting that we could be in for a big pullback in the next few months.
5. Stock buybacks - companies are buying back their stock to avoid the dilutive effects of expiring stock options
6. Government Bailouts - the bond market may no longer be in a cooperating
mood to finance all this largesse.
7. BLS vs. ADP payroll report - ADP showed private payrolls fell 23k; BLS claims that this metric was up 123k; ADP does not have any “plug” factors; wages are now deflating

In reference to number 6, Moody's has warned that the US is in danger of losing it's AAA status for bonds.
"In the U.S., the budget deficit this year is projected to be just under 10 percent of the economy, meaning that the Treasury has to sell more and more bills to fund the shortfall."

In reference to number 7, with the real unemployment for March 2010 at 26.4 million or 22%, there really isn't any sign of a true economic recovery.

Now that we've looked behind the curtains, what did we learn? The market may have increased but it is a false indicator, as we have more debt, are losing our ability to borrow, and there is still high unemployment. In reality, there is no concrete evidence of an economic recovery whatsoever and instead we will be left off worser for the wear.

The Obama administration's spending spree will leave the nation with enormous debt and the ability to collect higher taxes will plateau as citizens are tapped out. If the US is downgraded, this will put the nation in a difficult position as investors will no longer want to buy US bonds. Since there is only so much money that can be confiscated from the taxpayers, the economic well will eventually run dry. We won't be able to borrow any more, there will be no money to pay off these enormous debts as they become due, and Obama will have succeeded in his goal to make the nation insolvent.

Try not to blink. A few swipes of the wand, and poof! The magic show is over. Lady America is out on the street and half of what she used to be.

Unfortunately, this is not an illusion. We all know that out of a population of 300 million, it was only 69 million voters who voted for Obama that bought us a ticket to this magic show. As some admit buyer's remorse, it seems that when they cast their vote, little did they know about the tricks that Obama held up his sleeves. Some have now opened their eyes and started to watch. Now it is time to storm the stage, cancel the show, and boot these players out the door.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fuzzy Math on Unemployment - March 2010

Last month, I posted the details on the real unemployment on what the BLS doesn't tell you outright and which the government doesn't want you to know. While the BLS is reporting unemployment of 9.7%, the truth is a different story. Here is an update for March.

My February post summarizes the fuzzy math on unemployment, how it came to be this way, and is a good lesson for those of you who are not aware of this.

Here is the official March BLS report.

So while they have reported the "official" total of unemployed to be 15 million, they excluded an additional 11.4 million people as follows:
- 9.1 million working part time (resulting from hours being cut or those unable to find a full-time job)
- 2.3 million marginally attached to the labor force (not counted as unemployed discouraged workers, not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them)

This puts the actual unemployment at 26.4 million or 22%. This is slightly higher than last month by .2 million people. Shadowstats provides a chart of the real unemployment, including those the government has omitted.

Chart of U.S. Unemployment">

Gallop has reported the underemployment to be 20.3%.

Yahoo reports that employers added jobs, which conflicts with the BLS report.

Despite what the government and main stream media is regurgitating, The Heritage Foundation paints a less than rosy picture.
"Today the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its monthly jobs report showing that the nation’s unemployment is 9.7% for the third month in a row. While the jobs report does indicate that 162,000 net jobs were created in March, almost 50,000 of those jobs were temporary government Census jobs that do not reflect any real economic progress. In total, the U.S. economy has now lost a total of 3.8 million jobs since President Barack Obama signed his $862 billion stimulus plan. We are 8.1 million jobs short of the 138.6 million he promised the American people."

So not only has Obama's porkulus package not created any jobs, but the millions of jobs lost since he took office is clear evidence of history repeating itself. The leftist's ideology is flawed, but they continue taking the same actions as if it will somehow yield different results. Will they ever learn? We cannot borrow ourselves out of debt to create economic growth. This is true, and will always be true, despite how many times they insist on trying these reckless experiments.

To add insult to injury, taxpayers are now on the hook for the 100 million dollars in interest per day on the porkulus borrowings, and will continue to escalate until the principal borrowed is paid back. So while the 26.4 million unemployed fret over where and when they will get their next paycheck, their portion of the national debt is rising, which will no doubt be confiscated from them in taxes as soon as they start working again.

While Rome falls, the Obama administration continues to live in denial of reality and distort the truth with fuzzy math on the whitehouse calculator.

Even if there is a full sweep in November on all seats, we will still be stuck with this debt that will be written in history as Obama's legacy, albeit a tainted one. At least then we have a chance of new representatives cutting up his credit card, rendering him a lame duck for the remainder of his term.

When all the big spenders are on the unemployment line, that will be the only increase in unemployment that will be worth celebrating. Until then, hang onto your hats. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's the Con-Census?

Today is the due date to mail in your census form. It is ironic that they chose April Fool's Day since the census is being utilized in a big con, with Americans as pawns in the government's plan to pull off their biggest heist yet. They are already plotting and organizing the details of their scam.

What's the con? When is the heist? Next November, the government plans to illegally inflate the voter rolls and use redistricting, in order to steal the election. The real heist will be your freedom and constitutional rights.

For starters, the purpose of the census is to count the number of citizens every ten years as required by the constitution, in order to ensure the proper representation of the people. However, the con job that is being planned now is to manipulate the census along with other tactics, in order to distort the number of representatives needed to pull off their scam.

I thought it might be fun to present the 1910 census form.

By now, you have received your census form, be it the short or the long version. The short form requests how many people reside there, which makes sense and it is to be expected. However, it also requests you to include someone who sleeps there "most of the time". This could result in duplication of counting some people in the census.

Of course, there is the much talked about request for each person to disclose their race. Frankly, I fail to see the relevance in this information, as well as I believe it to be unconstitutional. We believe that everyone is created equal. Therefore, each person is entitled to the same representation, regardless of race. It seems discriminatory to ask. I was tempted to answer this question in the other box, filling in "human", but I ended up filling in the other box with "American". I hope everyone else did the same.

Some citizens received the long form. This form, which is more like a book than a form, is so extensive and intrusive, it is beyond belief. I invite you to take a look at the dozens of pages for yourself. I want you to look at the information they request, and think about why they need to know. For example, what does whether or not you have a flush toilet have to do with your constitutional right to have a representative?

For those that refuse to complete the intrusive census, you will be charged a fine of $5000.

The census is being sent to all households. The government wants to include illegals in the census count. Just to hedge their bets, they also have a proposal for amnesty for illegal aliens which will have a drastic impact on the voter rolls. How many millions will be added? According to the government statistics of jobs held by illegals, that would be about 38 million. (Think of the 26 million unemployed Americans as per the February 2010 labor report who could have these jobs).

For those of you that favor amnesty, please consider not just the impact on the voter rolls, but the impact illegals have on our economy. As per government statistics, taxpayers already pay 414 billion per year for their food, housing, welfare, education, medical care, and incarceration costs. Also, the government estimates that from the 38 million jobs held by illegals, that the illegals' unpaid taxes totals 401 billion per year. The government also tracks the amount wired per year to "their country", which is 80 billion per year.

The illegals did not just break our laws to enter the country, they also break our employment and tax laws, and drain our economy in their utilization of free services paid by taxpayers. Some are criminals. These people should not be granted the privilege of US citizenship and the privilege of voting. Surely, they will vote for their enablers on the left who will continue to allow them to break our laws and provide them with freebies on the backs of hard working taxpayers.

This next story is outrageous. This proposal will grant convicted felons the right to vote. The number that would be added to the voter rolls would be 4 million.

This last article announces that there are known IT deficiencies with the accuracy of compiling the census. To me, this leaves too much room for foul play, so if the results do not come out the way they want it, that they can blame it on IT, and tweak it to provide the desired results. If you think this is far fetched, consider climategate.

Between the census duplications, IT shenanigans, illegals, and felons, this could add at a minimum, approximately 42 million to the voter rolls. Considering that there are 300 million Americans, and only about 100 million voted in the last election, and that Obama only won by 10 million votes, these 42 million could dramatically tilt the scales. It won't just be for this election, but for all future elections. The transformation of America into a socialized state will be achieved and there will be no turning back.

We are being conned and the government is about to pull off their biggest heist.