Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Education Plan Lacks History Lessons

The wise advice that we should "learn history lest we are destined to repeat it" could never be more true. While this is common sense, it seems that today's students are not being properly educated, they are not learning the lessons of the past, and are possibly dooming their own future. Now we have some statistics to support this trend.

The American Civic Literacy organization has a quiz to test college students on their basic knowledge of American history. You can take the quiz here.

It seems that today's students are failing miserably, and even being dumbed down.
"Half of the 14,000 incoming freshmen tested failed the 60-question multiple-choice test, getting just half the questions right. Worse, they barely know any more when they graduate, with seniors scoring 54 percent correct. No school, not even Harvard or Yale, got above a 69 percent average among seniors. Worse still, in some schools, students did worse coming out than going in."

For college students to fail these tests is beyond pathetic.

For the students whose test results revealed them to know less upon graduation, is it really that they knew less or that they knew less that was true?

It is well known that the left has been infiltrating our education system in order to indoctrinate our students into the leftist, fascist, and socialist ideology. Have they succeeded? The evidence is compelling that our union empowered government run education system is failing our students in providing a proper education.

Can this be reversed? Is it too late for today's youth?

Luckily there are still some Americans who believe in the importance of a proper education and is standing up for what is right and best for the children. Just look at the battle that is occurring in North Carolina for example.

North Carolina is not the only state that has this debate. The whole issue is ridiculous. This shouldn't even be a debate. I'd like to know from those who support this, as to how can the nation's history prior to the civil war be erased.

Just as a house cannot be built without a foundation, how can today's students understand the essence of what it means to be an American, if they don't learn our history and how America came to be?

What meaning will the American revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution hold in the minds of future Americans if this isn't taught?

Granted, there are parts of our history that are not right, such as slavery. But what meaning will the Civil Rights Act have if there is no knowledge of the civil war and what brought us to this point?

These students will be deprived not only of the knowledge of history, but of love of country. This of course is the ultimate goal of the statist, so as to be able to easily render the population under government control. If the citizens have no love of country and appreciation for the battles for freedom that were fought and won, they will not have any motivation to fight to keep it. The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.

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