Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party

I attended the Teaparty365 tax day tea party in NYC. It was difficult to tell how many people were there, since they had us barricaded off like cattle along both sides of 8th Avenue.

One advantage to that spot was that the passing traffic was inconvenienced by the closing off of a couple of lanes, and had to go slow when passing by, thus enabling them to observe the event, hear the speakers, and see the signs.

I positioned myself on the edge of the barricade, so as to ensure the passing traffic could see my signs. There were some passersby that beeped and cheered. There were some that were mere onlookers with curiosity. And there were some kool aid drinkers that flipped us the bird and/or called us names.

My favorite kool aid drinker was a black man driving a limousine who called me a racist upon reading my sign, which referenced the 12 trillion in debt we now have thanks to the lousy government. I gave him a look of confusion, looked at my sign, and asked him how he concludes the government overspending HIS money is racist. He looked at me dumbfounded and had no response, not even an inaudible one. I can only hope that he went home that night to reflect upon it, and realized that as an American, that it was his hard earned money too and his future and his family's future that is at stake.

There were two tea party crashers that I saw. Or maybe I should call them tea party thrashers, since they were pushing tea partiers including my friend's mother. It takes a special kind of lowlife to push an older woman intentionally. They did get a warning from the cops. One of them was holding a sign that said some nonsensical comment about white racism on one side with the other saying "how do we expect anyone to pull themselves up by the bootstraps without boots being evenly distributed". I told the thrashers to buy the their own boots and stop looking to steal the boots off of others' feet. The thieves looked at me like a deer in headlights, completely oblivious as to where the money comes from and as if the concept of paying for themselves were foreign to them. I suppose if they actually understood basic economics, then they would be a tea partier instead of a tea party crasher. Here are two pictures of the thieves' signs.

Here is evidence that the lame stream media actually showed up to cover the event.

Here are a sample of pictures of the rally. I tried to capture the size of the crowd, but it was difficult with the barricades.

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