Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's the Con-Census?

Today is the due date to mail in your census form. It is ironic that they chose April Fool's Day since the census is being utilized in a big con, with Americans as pawns in the government's plan to pull off their biggest heist yet. They are already plotting and organizing the details of their scam.

What's the con? When is the heist? Next November, the government plans to illegally inflate the voter rolls and use redistricting, in order to steal the election. The real heist will be your freedom and constitutional rights.

For starters, the purpose of the census is to count the number of citizens every ten years as required by the constitution, in order to ensure the proper representation of the people. However, the con job that is being planned now is to manipulate the census along with other tactics, in order to distort the number of representatives needed to pull off their scam.

I thought it might be fun to present the 1910 census form.

By now, you have received your census form, be it the short or the long version. The short form requests how many people reside there, which makes sense and it is to be expected. However, it also requests you to include someone who sleeps there "most of the time". This could result in duplication of counting some people in the census.

Of course, there is the much talked about request for each person to disclose their race. Frankly, I fail to see the relevance in this information, as well as I believe it to be unconstitutional. We believe that everyone is created equal. Therefore, each person is entitled to the same representation, regardless of race. It seems discriminatory to ask. I was tempted to answer this question in the other box, filling in "human", but I ended up filling in the other box with "American". I hope everyone else did the same.

Some citizens received the long form. This form, which is more like a book than a form, is so extensive and intrusive, it is beyond belief. I invite you to take a look at the dozens of pages for yourself. I want you to look at the information they request, and think about why they need to know. For example, what does whether or not you have a flush toilet have to do with your constitutional right to have a representative?

For those that refuse to complete the intrusive census, you will be charged a fine of $5000.

The census is being sent to all households. The government wants to include illegals in the census count. Just to hedge their bets, they also have a proposal for amnesty for illegal aliens which will have a drastic impact on the voter rolls. How many millions will be added? According to the government statistics of jobs held by illegals, that would be about 38 million. (Think of the 26 million unemployed Americans as per the February 2010 labor report who could have these jobs).

For those of you that favor amnesty, please consider not just the impact on the voter rolls, but the impact illegals have on our economy. As per government statistics, taxpayers already pay 414 billion per year for their food, housing, welfare, education, medical care, and incarceration costs. Also, the government estimates that from the 38 million jobs held by illegals, that the illegals' unpaid taxes totals 401 billion per year. The government also tracks the amount wired per year to "their country", which is 80 billion per year.

The illegals did not just break our laws to enter the country, they also break our employment and tax laws, and drain our economy in their utilization of free services paid by taxpayers. Some are criminals. These people should not be granted the privilege of US citizenship and the privilege of voting. Surely, they will vote for their enablers on the left who will continue to allow them to break our laws and provide them with freebies on the backs of hard working taxpayers.

This next story is outrageous. This proposal will grant convicted felons the right to vote. The number that would be added to the voter rolls would be 4 million.

This last article announces that there are known IT deficiencies with the accuracy of compiling the census. To me, this leaves too much room for foul play, so if the results do not come out the way they want it, that they can blame it on IT, and tweak it to provide the desired results. If you think this is far fetched, consider climategate.

Between the census duplications, IT shenanigans, illegals, and felons, this could add at a minimum, approximately 42 million to the voter rolls. Considering that there are 300 million Americans, and only about 100 million voted in the last election, and that Obama only won by 10 million votes, these 42 million could dramatically tilt the scales. It won't just be for this election, but for all future elections. The transformation of America into a socialized state will be achieved and there will be no turning back.

We are being conned and the government is about to pull off their biggest heist.

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