Friday, April 23, 2010

Government Warlords Reign Over Your Food

The liberal government is continuously passing laws and actions that are made to appear as if they are in the people's best interest, when if fact it is really about control. So it is no surprise that controlling our food and food supply would be on their agenda.

As a conservative, I believe in freedom and not infringing upon the rights of others, even if someone chooses to live their life differently from me. In regards to the Amish, while I may not choose to live their lifestyle, I don't think they are harming anyone or breaking any laws. I have been to the Amish country in Pennsylvania. They are peaceful religious citizens, who live a quiet, modest, life amongst themselves.

So why is the government raiding an Amish farm at 5am?
"Stockton warned the requirement now is for federal agents to claim they have 'credible evidence' regarding a case, but a proposed federal change would strike those words in the law and replace them with 'reason to believe'."
"The phrase 'reason to believe' would be inserted 14 times into the code with S 510If this bill goes through, the FDA will have control of farms. They will not need 'credible evidence' to act. They will essentially be given a free hand to act as they want. And look at how they already act, even with the existing constraints in place."
Will we have an FDA czar that unconstitutionally seizes farms and food, dictating to the public, and leaving Americans begging for food?

Before you think this is a ridiculous idea, just take a look at the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009.
This is another government takeover of our food and food supply. The bill addresses such items as genetically engineered food, animals, seeds, etc.
- Why attack organic farming and promote pesticides? Isn't it healthier to consume natural foods?
- How would genetically engineered animals be better for us to eat? Isn't it the products with chemicals that make people sick?
- Why would genetically engineered seeds be forced upon us instead of those from natural sources? Will the plants grown from them have traces of chemicals in it?
- Will they be going after your grandmother and her vegetable garden?

Once the statists control our food, they can control the masses, just as in communist nations. People desperate for food may forfeit their freedoms in order to eat.

But the statists will never reveal their master plan. Instead, they keep their true agenda a secret and proceed by stealth, and they will go after anyone that gets in their way, even those the common sense general public does not deem to be a threat.

When the statist starts to go after the simple Amish farmer, alarms bells should be going off everywhere. We are on the brink of a police state.

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