Thursday, April 15, 2010

All VAT Glitters is not Gold

The Obama administration's drug addict-like habit of spending is going to bring America to a crash from withdrawal, when there is no more money left to feed it's addiction. All those hailed as "wealthy" along with the middle class will join the poverty stricken if the addict-like administration succeeds in pushing it's drug on the masses, aka the VAT tax.

As an update to my blog post the other day on the VAT,
I thought I'd share with you this great article posted by the Wall Street Journal in which they state:
"The nonpartisan Tax Foundation recently calculated that to balance the U.S. federal budget with a VAT would require a rate of at least 18%."

It is interesting if we look at the chart provided, as Europe's VAT and income tax rates are compared to the USA. In these socialized nations with "free" health care, as well as higher unemployment and stunted economic growth, it is amazing that the left still hails that the VAT "works" in Europe.

Being that the proposed VAT will be in addition to income taxes in the USA, if implemented, the USA will top the world with the highest income tax rates, far surpassing Europe.

When the Bush tax rates expire, the top federal income tax rate will be 39.6%. This doesn't include the social security and medicare tax at 7.65%, nor does it include state and local city income taxes.

So if we add the 39.6%, 7.65% and the 18% required for the VAT, this will put the US tax rate at 65.25%! If the state and city income taxes are added to that, Americans will barely have enough left of their paycheck to eat. Oh, but don't worry, we will have "free" health care.

There is no gold at the end of the rainbow, and instead the VAT will just be bottomless pit. Clearly, all VAT glitters is not gold.


  1. It’s going to be so interesting to see what these socialists are going to do when the well dries up. Unfortunately, the collapse is going to be brutal for us all. We just have to keep working and vote the bastards out - end of story. Steven T.

  2. They want the well to dry up. It is part of their master plan to obtain full control to dominate the populace. Then they will keep control by rationing everything as they did in communist USSR.