Friday, April 9, 2010

The Coffee Party Calling the Kettle Black

It is no secret that the left resorts to name calling and insults in an effort to silence the dissenters to the catastrophic policies being implemented by the Obama administration and all the other leftist pawns in play. This has been a tactic of the left for years, and is not anything new.

The left routinely invokes the race card as they play their game to seek and destroy. This is one of the highest insults among insults that one can call another. Of course, no one wants to be called a racist, but who really are the racists here?

While I pondered all of this, it occurred to me that the left should be looking at themselves in the mirror when they play the race card.

Obama himself invoked the race card repeatedly through his campaign, and continues to do so as president, be it by him or through one of his surrogate lackeys.

Senator Byrd, who still serves and continues to be elected, was in the KKK in his youth. He has since apologized for it. Whether or not it is sincere, is only known to himself and God. But let's say we give him the benefit of the doubt. The left dismisses this as if it were a mere traffic violation instead of the grotesque crime against humanity that it is. If this were someone on the right, I highly doubt the left would be so forgiving, or that we wouldn't still be hearing about it from the left at every given opportunity possible.

One of my favorites in hypocrisy is the left's filibuster for 54 days of the civil rights bill in 1964. The left has since hijacked this history and constantly claims it as their own accomplishment, and continuously proceeds to call the right racists whenever the right opposes any socialist policies proposed by the left. The left never discusses their own objections and actions to block this bill to right this wrong in our nation, but instead deflects their own actions onto the right as if those on the right were the guilty ones. The left never considers that the right is opposing the socialist policies based upon their merit, or lack thereof, but instead invokes the race card.

No one would argue that there are bad apples in every group, but where is the evidence supporting the left's allegations that the tea partiers and those on the right are racists?

If we consider the statistics from a Gallup poll, it tells an interesting story.
"Is the Tea Party as racist as the media and leading Democrats have portrayed? Gallup’s demos of the Tea Party look very close to that of the overall American demos on ethnicity. Whites make up 79% of the Tea Party and 75% of the population; blacks, 6% of the Tea Party and 11% of the population; and “other” in the Tea Party exactly matches the general population at 15%."
If we analyze the actual math of these statistics, if blacks are 6% of the tea partiers out of a black population of 11%, this means that out of a population of 300 million, 33 million are black, which would be 18 million black tea partiers. So 18 million out of 33 million is about half of the black population. Common sense tells you that these are patriotic Americans opposing policies. The same can be said of all tea partiers. This is all about policy and nothing to do with race.

Breitbart ran a story about black conservatives. It is no surprise that these patriotic Americans are being insulted, instead of viewing the reality that they oppose bad policies. David Webb, a co-founder of Teaparty365 is quoted here. I have met David and he is a patriotic American standing up for what is right. It is shameful that some have chosen to insult him when he deserves respect for participating in trying to right another wrong that is taking place in this nation. Kudos to David.

Of course there is the allegations of racism, spitting, and the "n" word from the code red rally against health care in DC. The muttering of the "n" word has yet to be proven. Breitbart has offered a $100,000 reward to any proof captured on video. I have watched this video many times. All I hear is kill the bill. Having been at the rally, I can confirm that there were cameras everywhere amongst the 50,000 people. The crowd was very loud. Even if someone did yell the "n" word, which I highly doubt, I don't think anyone could have heard it from all the commotion. The truth is more likely that this is another false allegation trying to demonize tea partiers who object to the government takeover of our health care. As far as the spit allegation, it seems more like spittle to me and I see no evidence of spitting. I encourage you to watch the video and you decide if you can see or hear anything.

And last but not least, let's not forget about another patriotic black American who was assaulted for being a tea partier. It is disgraceful.

As I considered all of this, it occurred to me, that time after time, the left continues to play the race card as if no one will notice. While the Saul Alinsky tactics may have worked in the past, the left may continue to invoke these tactics but they overlook the obvious. For one, we now have you tube and everything is documented. No one needs to rely on hearsay. Secondly, name calling will not result in scaring the tea partiers. The left's lack of understanding of this is rooted in the fact that they don't understand what drives tea partiers in the first place. So the left can continue with the name calling and insults, but we can see that they are hypocrites. It is just the coffee party calling the tea kettle black.

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  1. The fact that you are making this comment and asking this question means that you are not payying attention. The coffee party is the left, and the left are hippocrites and are the ones that create the fray.