Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Pork VAT Will Roast Us

Instead of trimming the fat, it is clear that the government porkers continue to stuff themselves to the point in which America will burst. With 48% of the population not paying any tax, the economy is getting to the point where it is nothing but fat. It is time to point some fingers. While there is plenty of guilt to go around, let's focus on the most recent porker, as the Citizens Against Government Waste website has named the Porker of the Month for March.
"Porker of the Month is a dubious honor given to lawmakers, government officials, and political candidates who have shown a blatant disregard for the interests of taxpayers."

And the winner is? Drum roll please. Well, what a surprise. This month's esteemed award is granted to none other than Rep Louise Slaughter.


While I have nominated porkers in the past and even tracked porkers in the hall of shame, unless I am mistaken I think Slaughter qualifies for the largest pork roast so far, as she weighs in at 2.3 TRILLION dollars of taxpayers money.

Talk about fat. This debt is going to be burning through America's wallets for generations with no end in sight. Somehow, the porker was thrown into the barbecue pit, and even though America rejected the invitation, we were forced to attend anyway. Now normally I like barbecues, but this suckling pig roast is in essence a massive entitlement that will suck the lifeblood out of the nation's economy.

Of course after all the lying and deceit, now the porkers have worked up quite an appetite for America's livelihood, and now they have to figure out how to pay for it all. But how? Another drum roll please.

Enter the Pork VAT.

Because Americans aren't taxed enough, let's add another tax, the VAT, onto an already smoldering roast of an economy.

In fact, let's add false claims that "it works in Europe", because Europe's staggering economy, high unemployment, rationed health care, stunted economic growth, and suicidal socialistic policies are a prime example of what we would want to duplicate in America.

Sure, why stick with capitalistic policies that employ people and result in economic growth and a thriving economy, when we can just throw everyone into the fire and burn everything until there is nothing left?

America needs to reject this barbecue invitation, and be even louder than ever. Be sure to attend a tax day tea party this week in your area. If we are silent, America will be the one thrown into the pit, and the pork VAT will roast us down to the bare bones.

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