Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/12 Teaparty March on DC 2010

Patriots once again descended upon the Capitol to remind the Traitors that We the People are the rulers of them, not the other way around. The theme of the rally was that "We'll remember in November", as well as criticizing the massive government spending and the blatant disregard of the Constitution and our individual rights and liberties. Teapartiers keep showing up to remind the government of these issues, but they keep ignoring us. So the question is, will they hear us now?

These photos represent all types of Americans and who we really are as individuals. One thing can be said of this crowd, is these colors, the American colors, don't run.

Can you hear us now? I hope so, because the message is that we will be voting all of you out of office. So like the sign says, hey traitors, pack up your crap and get out!


  1. You've captured the essence of the day. Great pics..especially the one of my grand-daughters (the twins) Did you by chance add your signature to their collection? If not would you mind emailing me your name & where you traveled from. I am creating a scrapbook (They've been to a Healthcare Rally, Glenn Beck book signing, Restore Honor Rally & both the 9/111 & 9/12 Marchs.) And am almost finished a site "The Little Patriots" to encourage more children be taught the present & the past. They love Washington.
    Thanks, Mare from PA

  2. oops! please send to thelittlepatriots@gmail.com

  3. Thanks. I prefer to remain an anonymous blogger. However, feel free to sign it for me as NYC Conservative Gal.

    The girls are adorable. It is great to see fellow patriots teaching the next generation good values, what it means to be free, and our obligation to be diligent to preserve the Republic for ourselves and the next generation.

    Semper Fi