Friday, August 27, 2010

Carter Rescues One Hostage But Left 52 Behind

As usual, I have been pondering the idiocy of the left, since they leave me so much fodder for material. Today I am focusing on the lunacy of the left hailing kudos to Carter.

Up until Obama was elected, I had regarded Carter as one of the worst presidents in the history of the nation. Nothing to date can possibly overshadow the atrocities that Obama has committed so far against the nation, but Carter should not necessarily be lost in the shadows.

Along with a 70% income tax, 17% borrowing rate, odd-even days for gasoline due to gasoline shortages, a huge recession, and almost 13% unemployment, Carter can claim another important failure as president, namely the Iranian hostage crisis.

Carter was such a big loser with his weakness and appeasement to our enemies policies, that he failed to rescue 52 Americans held hostage by Iran for a whopping 444 days. Has the left forgotten this? Or is the failed education system so pathetic that young people do not know our history from just a few decades ago?

If it wasn't for the strength of Reagan, a real president with backbone, patriotism, and pride in our nation, the Iranians would not have released those hostages just minutes after Reagan was sworn in as president. They knew Reagan was not weak and meant business.

The history and the message is clear as day. We are safer when our enemies fear us. We are weaker when our president appeases our enemies. Carter was weak and Obama is now following in his footsteps.

Except yesterday, Carter is hailed as a big hero and negotiator for getting one hostage out of North Korea. ONE? ONE? To me this does not erase his record for the 52 hostages held for 444 days in Iran. Carter can never redeem himself for his actions.

And the worst part is, when he presumably went there to do Obama's bidding, what promises were made to our enemies? What additional weaknesses will there be in our national security as a result?

Appeasing dictators is not a strategy for improving our national security. But the weak never learn that lesson, and the rest of us will be stuck suffering for it.

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