Sunday, August 8, 2010

Socialized Medicine Leaves Babies in the Waiting Room

A woman giving birth should be a special time. Although she needs extra medical attention, it should not be wrought with a denial of care. But with socialized medicine, this is exactly what happens. The government is in charge of care and decides who gets what and when, and how much.

The denial of care is inevitable in nations with socialized medicine. Some of the population is expected to foot the bill for the rest. The rationing is therefore symptomatic of a socialized system as a result of monetary limitations.

So now that Obamacare has been inflicted upon us, the end result of such systems elsewhere are an indication of what will happen here. This will impact all care, including childbirth.

These two examples of childbirth in socialized nations will make your hair stand on edge.

This woman had a miscarriage in the waiting room, after waiting 12-14 hours while bleeding.

This woman was forced to give birth on a hospital floor.

Now that Missouri has rejected the Obamacare mandate, I can only hope that the rest of the states follow in their footsteps and toss this bill into the shredder. Otherwise, our mothers to be are in for the same treatment or lack thereof as socialized nations.


  1. The health care system ranked best in the world is in France and it is socialized. You talk out of your ass repeating sources that lied to you to get you to fight for what they want. You are fight for big insurance and you are stupid enough to actually think they care you damn bit about you. You like a stupid girl putting out to a player. You tell are your friends that he loves you but your ass will be dumped the second his done with you. You're being played!

  2. Your ignorance screams volumes. This is especially evident by the fact that you cannot even write a grammatically correct sentence, nor a coherent one. Why don't you go get yourself educated,on all accounts?