Saturday, August 7, 2010

Socialized Medicine Kills Off Patients

Obama and the other statists are continually trying to make us more like Europe. So much so, that they forced their socialized medicine down America's throat by passing Obamacare, despite the enormous public objection to it.

Of course, they did what they wanted. Because in socialized nations, one does not have any liberties. This would include the right to life, which might explain why Obama kept hailing that maybe one should take the "red pill".

The leftists ignored the will of the people. The leftists ignored the predictions that this would lead to more costs, less freedom, and rationed healthcare. The leftists twisted the CBO assessments to create false savings. The leftists ignored the GOP who was crying foul with the death clause which leftists claimed wasn't in the bill when it was.

When we look at socialized nations, there are countless stories of rationed care and higher costs. Now these same nations, to which Obama and the statists aspire to fundamentally transform the USA to be one of them, openly admits that they are willing to kill off patients.

This is where we are headed. The statists have ignored your right to life. It is time to restore our rights and liberties. The statists have to go. A good start would be November's election.

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