Thursday, March 11, 2010

Take the Red Pill and Wash it Down With Kool Aid

I started thinking about Obama's campaign speech declaring it might be better to "take the red pill", implying that someone should no longer get medical care and just wait around to die. Now Obama is peddling his healthcare bill with the mantra that "everyone should have healthcare". So which is it? We get healthcare or we wait around to die?

As mentioned everywhere, the bill is 2,076 pages. The table of contents is 14 pages alone and contains 4,560 words. You can browse through it yourself at this link.

As I was thinking about Obama's campaign speech and contradictions, I decided to perform a quick search for some key words and phrases. Here is what I found.

- The term "advisory committee" is mentioned 12 times.
- The term "advisory board" is mentioned 41 times.
- The term "advisory panel" is mentioned 11 times.
- The term "advisory group" is mentioned 6 times.
- The word "panel" is mentioned 34 times.

To say that this is a government takeover of our healthcare is the biggest lie and understatement of the year. This bill puts the government in control of every decision and every aspect of your lives. Rather than make this post run on for 2,076 pages, I advise you to go to the document and do a search for the above key words. When you get to one, read the clause containing it and try not to fall out of your chair. These will be government appointed panels, boards, and committees. They will be deciding what care you do or do not get, when you get it, and how much you get. Your doctors, medical professionals, and you, will not be involved in the decision making process for your own life.

This would imply that you no longer have a right to life, which we all know is unconstitutional. Only our Creator determines when our time has come, not the government.

Of course, the statist keeps peddling this bill as if it is constitutional, not infriging upon your right to life, and not infringing upon your freedom. The statist will never tell you their true intent. Much like when Jim Jones gave those cult members kool aid to achieve a goal of mass suicide, Obama wants us to take the red pill and wash it down with kool aid.

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