Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Congress Places Citizen Under Duress by Extortion

Congress has committed their fair share of crimes. Now we can add duress and extortion to the list if they pass this health care bill. The crime victim, will be the US citizen.

How is this bill placing us under duress?
Duress is defined as forcible restraint or restriction, compulsion by threat, unlawful constraint.
The health care bill creates 111 government bureaucracies including advisory committees, panels, and boards dictating what health care a citizen gets, whether they get it, when they get it, and how much they get. The citizen will have no say in the matter. The medical experts caring for the citizen will have no say in the matter. Therefore, Congress is forcibly restraining the US citizen, and thus placing the US citizen under duress.

How is this bill placing us under duress by extortion?
Extortion is the unlawful exaction of money or property through intimidation, a gross overcharge, especially the offense committed by an official engaging in such practice.
The health care bill also contains clauses for tax penalties for failure to buy insurance. The US citizen is threatened with an exorbitant fine, and will also be forced via intimidation and threats to buy insurance at the grossly overpriced government cost. Therefore, Congress is placing the US Citizen under duress by extortion with this bill.

Is this anything new? No. Duress was termed in the 15th century and extortion was termed in the 14th century. While officials have been committing these crimes for centuries, that certainly doesn't justify Congress committing these crimes now.

Now, the current mechanism by which Congress will commit these crimes is by a scheme to "deem" the health care bill as passed, so as to avoid a vote, and then proceed with reconciliation later.

So it seems that in addition to Congress enacting a bill that is unconstitutional via a process that is unconstitutional, but also by doing so, Congress will place the US citizen under duress by extortion.

Congress is committing criminal activities right out in the open. The only house that should hold Congress is the jail house, because that's where criminals reside. I think it is time for a citizen's arrest. The sentencing will be held in November.


  1. Actually, I think they are traitors who are deliberately dismantling the constitution to create a socialist state. They are all in violation of their oath to uphold and conserve the founding contract between the government and the people.