Sunday, March 7, 2010

Iraq's Berlin Wall Falls Silent

Democratic elections were held in Iraq today. Regardless of the outcome, great history was made. Hopefully, the Iraqi citizens utilized their new freedom to choose who was best to serve them and guide the young democracy in the right direction for it's future.

In recognition of the significance of the Iraqi elections, Obama gave a brief speech from the Rose Garden today. While it was complete with all the rhetoric Obama could muster, it was missing one very significant statement, and frankly it is embarrassing.

Unless my hearing went or TOTUS skipped a few lines, I don't believe I heard Obama thank General Petraeus along with President Bush and his administration for this great accomplishment. If it wasn't for Bush and the surge led by the General, this would never have happened. While Obama cannot deny declaring that the surge would not work, history is now written that it did. Where was this acknowledgment and gratefulness to Bush, Petraeus and the troops expressed in Obama's speech today?

Obama could have bit his tongue and made a little noise about it. Instead, I heard crickets.

A great leadership quality is to give credit where credit is due. Clearly, Obama has demonstrated that he doesn't possess this quality on many occasions and today is just another example. In fact, it demonstrates that he is clearly lacking in character altogether.

Obama should have taken a recess from his whining and blaming Bush, and graciously thanked Bush for this historic event. This was not the resolution of a minor scuffle. As we all know, the middle east is a major conflict, and has been for decades. This was a resolution of major significance. While there are still conflicts in the region, this is a step in the right direction.

Iraq will be a democracy and an ally of the west. Those who accomplish such things should be recognized. Ronald Reagan is accredited with ending the cold war, and will be remembered for his symbolic quote of "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" for the fall of the Berlin wall separating the east and the west. Now, when history is written, it will accredit Bush with tearing down Iraq's "Berlin Wall". Yet, when Obama gave his speech today, he fell silent. It's a small man, a small man indeed, who cannot give credit where credit is due.

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