Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coffee Party Day Brewed a Weak Pot

The left's idiotic "Coffee Party" apparently attempted to hold a National Coffee Party yesterday. Despite all the free promotion from the propaganda pushing lame stream media, the coffee party brewed up a weak pot.

According to the Coffee Party USA website, most events had fewer than 20 attendees. This is certainly not from lacking publicity. Whether or not they admit it, the lack of attendance is because the coffee party is based on a socialistic platform.

The coffee party, in addition to truly being astroturf as paid Obama supporters, is attempting to mimic the tea party movement, but it is destined for failure. The big government spending policies and forfeiture of freedoms is just not going to garnish support from Americans. Americans still believe in the American dream and it doesn't involve any ideology supported by Karl Marx.

The irony is that the coffee party astroturf is referring to the American Revolution as a basis for their political activism. Try as they might, the coffee party cannot possibly duplicate the tea party. Clearly these coffee grinders are the result of our failed education system and indoctrination. If the coffee grinders possessed any knowledge whatsoever of America's real history and not the liberal vomit spewed by the leftist academics, they would know and understand that the revolution was spawned by taxation without representation. The colonists did not start a revolution because they thought their tyrant king didn't tax them enough and spend enough of their hard earned money.

The socialistic platform is unamerican to its core. So it is no wonder that the national coffee party was sparsely attended. It seems that the coffee has no grounds in America. When you filter through it all, they were barely able to fill a cup, never mind brew a entire pot, and a weak one at that.

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