Monday, March 15, 2010


It is almost spring break. News shows frequently contain stories of drunken parties, immoral depraved behavior, and other sordid details of activities one might soon regret. Yes, it is true, Americans are now witnessing the spring break show of "Congress-Gone-Wild".

Last week, Pelosi apparently was seeking "certain assurances" from the Senate regarding their commitment to pass a reconciliation bill, if the House goes along with the current Senate health care bill as is.

Pelosi stated in her press conference:
“With reconciliation, a simple majority, a constitutional majority, I think members are much more comfortable with the fact that this reconciliation will happen. Nonetheless, there are certain assurances that they want, and that we will get from [Senate Democrats] before I ask them to take the vote. Any hesitation anybody might have about do they trust the Senate is offset by the great mission that they have [to provide] health care for all Americans. It will take a little faith. But what we do always does.”

In other words, Pelosi wants to bypass the constitutional legislative process and wants to be sure the Senate will cooperate in resolving the differences between the bills and that the House will get what it wants. To fuel the delusion in their political drunken stupor, as of today the democrats in the budget committee are working on the band-aid fix it bill.

The issue, however, is more complicated than it seems.

The Senate already had the House bill when the Senate created it's own bill. If the Senate found the House bill to be acceptable, why didn't they vote on it instead of creating another bill? And if the Senate coerces the House into accepting the Senate bill as is, why would the Senate have any incentive to reconcile afterwards? Reconcile to what? The Senate already got what it wanted. There will be no legal legislative process requiring a reconciliation and nothing to force the Senate into negotiating one.

It is ludicrous. Even if the two biggest bullies in the playground duke it out, only one of them is going to come out on top. So while the biggest bully may promise to play nice tomorrow, there is no reason to believe that promise will be honored. The same holds true in a totalitarian state. While there may be many pawns in the game, only one is going to get its way.

So while the Pelosi lemmings are etching out their band-aid fix it bill, Pelosi arranges her Pelosi-palooza party coercing other House democrats into sordid activities they'll soon regret, such as the immoral depraved behavior of voting for an unconstitutional bill they know their constituents vehemently reject. For the people, the real fix is already in. The real Pelosi-palooza party is Pelosi throwing her own party - under the bus. So be sure to watch Congress-Gone-Wild as they behave recklessly and throw all caution into the wind. Mark your calendars. The video is expected to be released in November, right about election time.

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