Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Code Red Rally, Bloody Sunday, & Those Who Were Suffocated

I attended the Code Red Rally on Saturday at the Capitol. There were about 50,0000 people there. Those on the east coast went by bus, car, and trains. Buses also came from the south and mid-west, including Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan, to name a few. There was even one man from Oregon who flew in on short notice.

Keep in mind that this was on two days notice. These were regular every day folks. These are people that work for a living. These are people that probably can't afford to take off from work or bear the expense of such a trip. But they know they can't afford "free" health care, so they dropped everything and went. These are people that love their country so much, that they made the sacrifice.

For every American that did make it there, there are thousands that were unable to make the trip, perhaps due to the distance, the cost, family obligations, etc. The blogosphere was filled with comments of those wishing that they could attend and thanking those of us that made it there.

Congress, however, refuses to acknowledge that the people that were there are not the only folks that were against this bill. They ignored the 100,000 calls they received per hour from their constituents, along with the thousands of emails, letters, faxes, and office visits.

Some rally attendees attempted to visit their representative's offices. The republican offices were opened and they were welcomed inside. The democratic offices were either closed or manned by the occasional intern, but none of the traitors were available to face we the people.

Those attendees who remained outside, made sure that Congress would hear them. They chanted such things as "we the people", kill the bill", in November, we'll remember, hey hey hey, goodbye", "Nancy, come on out", "can you hear us now", and "just say no".

As we the people stood out on the lawn trying to make the traitors hear the voices of America, occasionally, one of the rats would come out of their nest onto the balcony to see us. None of them had the backbone to jump and face we the people. They actually made me think about the irony of it all. They already think that they our are rulers, not our representatives. So it is quite symbolic, that the tyrants would stand up on their lofty balcony, as if they are looking down upon their peasant subjects.

While the people outside were being ignored, Congress was inside carrying out last minute bribes, selling their souls to the devil, implementing their Marxist regime, and nailing a nail in the coffin of the United States and suffocating the people.

I'd like to offer a tribute to my fellow patriots, and my appreciation for those who made the sacrifice at personal expense to save the nation. Below are the pictures, so you can see the patriots for yourself, all every day folks. Many of the signs had so many great messages. It was impossible to photograph them all, or photograph all 50,000 of them. So I have compiled a sample of these patriots who participated and posted them on The Left Isn't Right's facebook fan page.


As for Congress, they ignored the will of the people when they passed the unconstitutional health care bill on Sunday, committing treason against the nation and breaching their fiduciary duty to represent the people that put them in office. To me, this serves as a basis to impeach them now. Why wait for elections?


  1. This has nothing to do with the people. This current democrat congress and senate could not care less what “we the people” think. There could have been 200,000 of you there and the outcome would have been the same.
    This is not about health care. This is not about doing good for the people. This is a rouge government hell bent on making America the next socialist country. This is an out of control elite making a desperate power-grab while they think the have the power to thwart the will of the people.
    This is nothing less then the destruction of the Constitution and the America we grew up in. This cannot stand. We must defeat them utterly, now, the last chance we have, or we will die in a country we no longer recognize, stripped of the freedoms we were to careless to maintain.
    Steven Taibbi

  2. Steven, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, you are absolutely right.