Monday, March 8, 2010

DEM Massa Exodus

With all of the shenanigans today and last week, Massa ended up resigning anyway. I can't help but think it wasn't all an orchestrated plan of distraction from the real issues at hand.

Massa first said his reasons were cancer. Then he is under investigation for an ethics violation. Then folks started rallying to get him to stay to save a no vote for the healthcare bill. Then he resigned anyway. Massa is only a symptom to a bigger problem.

So far, we have DEMs dying, announcing not to run again, ethics violations, indictments, criminal prosecutions, and voting against the people's wishes knowing it will mean they will not get re-elected. The DEMs are having a mass exodus, but they still keep driving that train into the volcano. Any sensible person would quit while they are behind. But they don't. Why? Because they know that sacrificing themselves in the volcano will please their socialist demons and achieve oppression for the long term.

Of course the DEMs know they can't show the true face of their evil master plans. People already see through it. The DEMs plans aren't selling. Obama is so desperate, he is out on the campaign trail again, trying to sell his plan. He refuses to admit people will not allow themselves to be taken over. So they create the Massa hokey pokey of a resignation to waste time and distract the nation, so that the date set for a vote gets closer. If the DEMs vote for this healthcare plan, the mass exodus they have now will look like a small parade. Come election time, the donkeys will be trampled on by the elephants in a stampede. Bring it on.

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