Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Health Care But No Heart Surgery

I am wondering if the democrats in the house and senate have no soul. Recent behavior demonstrates that they are willing to sacrifice their soul in order to achieve tyranny and fundamentally transform America from a free nation to an enslaved one.

It is amazing at how much they are lying, cheating, and stealing to pass a health care bill that no one wants but them. Although they portray the reason they want it is altruistic, we the people know it is to achieve their goal of tyranny. And the results will be deadly. In a tyrannical regime, the state decides of you live or die based upon your estimated remaining useful life as if you were a piece of equipment in a factory.

Since the leftists love to hail other nations with universal health care as if they are utopia, I think it cannot be discussed enough at what a disaster universal health care really is, and what it means for the citizens, with their lives literally dependant upon it.

All one has to do is google a few times, and one can be inundated with articles and stories documenting that the ideological demo of universal health care is not representative of reality.

In Britain, the media repeatedly reports on the failures and shortcomings of the NHS. Yet this is exactly what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid want to implement in the US.

The headline for this article says it all. The reality is that even with a 60% tax rate in England, there is not enough money to pay for "free" health care. So how does the NHS cut costs? They ration care. If there aren't enough beds for patients, said patients cannot receive any health care treatment. That is how they cut costs.

This one is indicative at what happens with rationing. There isn't enough money to pay health care professionals to provide treatment, so there aren't enough doctors. So health care is "free", but from cost cutting there isn't actually enough doctors to provide treatment. If you need heart surgery, good luck. Although it would be "free", you won't be able to get a doctor to do it.

There are those who think the situation in Britain could not happen here. Please consider the survey reported this week, in which almost half of the doctors said that they would retire if the bill is passed.

So the lefty marxists will add 30 million people including 12 million aliens to the health care plan, force taxpayers to pay for the looters to get "free" health care, and there will instantly be half as many doctors available to treat patients.

Sure, they will tell you no one will be denied care, but that doesn't mean there will be anyone there to treat you.


  1. What an indictment against the “lamestream” media a simple search on Google is. I have been collecting articles on the NSH for more than a year. Same for Canada. One of the biggest reasons we are in the position we are in visa vi health care is simply because the so-called press in this country have refused to do the job that their protection under the Constitution demands of them. If the truth about these other heath care systems had been disseminated by the press, no one here would want that same system. Both the Government and the press, in a disgusting collusion, have confused the people of this country between the meanings of the words insurance and access. Everybody in England has health care insurance, they just don’t have access to the heath care they are insured for. The press in this country is a disgrace. They are, quite frankly, nothing more than whores for an administration who they have been on their knees for since the “Anointed One” came upon the scene.
    Steven Taibbi

  2. Excellant point! It is an indictment! If regular folks like us can easily find this information, then the media with all their resources should be able to do so and expose the ugliness for all that it is.

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