Sunday, February 14, 2010

The World Spins Without the Web

Apparently the enviro-fascists are once again spinning their web of lies. Their insistence of the impending doom from global warming while 49 states are covered in snow is laughable. What is their new rationale for clinging to this illusion? Well, it seems that now they claim it is because of global warming that we need to pursue alternative energy sources for the purpose of national security.

OK, as a patriot, I am in favor of national security. Who wouldn't be in favor of that? Actually, the federal government's true purpose and obligation is to provide for the national defense (not spend the taxpayer's money as they would have you believe.) The reality is this. We don't need imaginary science with fake statistics promoting the destruction of the planet, in order to justify that measures should be taken to provide national security to Americans, nor do we need imaginary science to justify pursuing innovation for alternative energy sources.

Truthfully, America has enough natural gas, oil, shale, coal, nuclear energy, etc. to sustain our usage and provide energy for our nation without having to rely on other nations. Imagine what this would do for the American economy if the billions spent purchasing energy overseas from nations that hate us, were instead flowing through our own American economy? It would promote jobs, economic growth and prosperity, and strengthen our national security all in one fell swoop, with an added bonus of depriving the terrorist regimes of funding to attack us.

Clearly, utilizing our own natural resources such as drilling, offshore drilling, building more nuclear plants, etc. is an obvious solution as opposed to the reliance on other nations for energy. Yet the enviro-fascists resist the obvious as viable solutions. Why do they do this? It is because their cultish religion of global warming is really all about control of the masses and creating a NWO. It is not about energy or saving the planet.

Our natural resources are not scarce, nor are they an unlimited supply. But this should not be an excuse to pour billions of dollars into other nations, simultaneously damaging our economy and compromising our national security. Rather a more intelligent logical approach should be to utilize our natural resources, and while doing that, the FREE MARKET would be able to pursue innovation and technology development of alternative energy sources. Such innovations could certainly be developed and in use by the time America even approaches the possibility of depleting all our natural resources that we have.

I have complete confidence in the brilliance of Americans and their unlimited potential for invention and discovery. Past history is indicative of the astounding contributions that Americans have made to the world. So why should the enviro-fascists believe that Americans do not have the capabilities to continue such achievements of greatness in the future? Perhaps it is not about their belief or disbelief in the abilities of Americans, but instead it is because they themselves are hungry for power and control of the world, and anyone demonstrating potential for greatness only foils their plan.

So to accomplish their objectives, they set out to squash Americans into mediocrity by promoting their own imagined superiority and belief that their propaganda is factual. So they promote global warming in a continuous stream of convoluted messages, so much so, that it is to the point where I think they actually believe their own web of lies. I think that they have spun a web so twisted in deceit that their spinning has made them dizzy. It is now time that they lie down, take a rest, and abandon the fake science. The world will not suddenly self-destruct from all of us breathing. In fact, I am sure that the world will continue to spin on it's axis and we don't need a web of lies for that.

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