Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Obama, The Used Car Salesman, Sells us a Lemon

Yesterday, the CBO declared that it could not score Obama's healthcare plan. The reason given was that the submission was vague and no details were provided. Therefore, one concludes that there was insufficient information on which to base calculations and estimates. If it is not clear to the CBO, it won't be clear to our representatives or to we the people. So much for transparency.

I think Obama is the only one that gives himself a grade of B+. In school, if a student submitted an assignment that was incomplete and unable to be graded but included empty promises of "planning" to submit a great report, the student would get a grade of zero or an F. Not that there is any comparison, since a lot more is expected of a president than a student, but if Obama was a student, the CBO can't grade his homework. It seems that Obama has submitted no more than a table of contents, and as usual, omitted the substance, rendering the report useless. By default then, it seems to me that the CBO's inability to score Obama's plan is in essence giving it a score of zero.

Thinking about the healthcare bill and the CBO's score of zero by default, it occurred to me that Obama is like a used car salesman. He knows the people need a car, so he shows us a showroom of nice shiny looking cars. Except we aren't allowed into the showroom to look at them closely, examine the insides, and take it for a test drive to see if it works. He knows we would find just a shell of a car making it look good, but if we really look at it, we'd find everything inside it is faulty. The used car salesman knows when he is selling you a lemon, which is why he doesn't let you get a good look at it. He just gives you blanket guarantees that it is great and works just fine. We are expected to just trust the used car salesman at his word even though no one with any sense would do so. We all know the reality. As soon as you buy it and drive it off the lot, it falls apart and just requires more and more money to keep it working, that is if it even works at all. Eventually, you are left with a junk pile of non-working parts, stuck paying off a car loan, and you still don't have a reliable car that you can use.

Obama's healthcare bill is the used car salesman's lemon. It is made to look like we will have no problems with it, it will save us money, and we are expected to buy it on blind trust without having seen it. Except we aren't fooled and we the people know we are getting a lemon. The proof is there right before us. The CBO can't examine it, yet we are expected to pay for it, it will end up costing us way more in the end than we were told, and we will be stuck with something that is useless. It hasn't been passed yet, but the lemon has already left a sour taste in my mouth.

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