Friday, February 5, 2010

The Great Gaffes-be: Corpseman vs. Corpsman

Biden is known for his gaffes. When Obama chose Biden as his VP running mate, I thought that Biden would be providing us with four years of Saturday Night Live style entertainment. Never did I imagine that the Great Gaffes-be provided to us by Obama himself.

I am in disbelief at Obama's gaffe yesterday, if one can even call it a gaffe.

It is bad enough that Obama is practically surgically attached to his teleprompter, so much so that he cannot even give a speech to sixth graders without it.

As an American, it is embarrassing. Here we have a supposedly well educated man, who attended Columbia and Harvard, and yet he cannot give a speech without his beloved TOTUS, to the point where he is lost without it.

I wonder how he could have possibly attended these Universities without obtaining the ability to give a speech. Furthermore, while I have not attended law school personally, I would think that the skills of speech and debate would be acquired in law school if one did not possess these skills already. There is certainly no shortage of lawyers in this nation, and while they are sadly not at a loss for words, our courtrooms are not filled with teleprompters.

Between this and other gaffes such as when two speeches were swapped in error and Obama thanked himself for coming, or in Obama's campaign speech claiming he "visited 57 states so far and had a few more to go", it seems his "education" is lacking. The transcript read "corpsman". But, even if there were a typo and it said "corpseman", wouldn't someone who attended Columbia and Harvard who is supposed to be Commander in Chief of our armed forces know the difference? I am certain that our armed forces would not refer to corpsman as corpseman, even if said corpsman was a fallen hero. Yet the Commander in Chief is completely unaware of the basic distinction between the two. He repeated the gaffe three times.

One may ask, why and how do these gaffes occur? It is because the claim of Obama as the great "orator" is false. While he can read, he is not really an orator at all. Besides, even if there were an error in the speech, wouldn't one who is a "great orator" be able to ad lib? Instead, he just reads whatever TOTUS tells him to say, without any awareness or comprehension of what he is reading and saying. I wonder if his speechwriters will now upload his speech to TOTUS using phonetics.

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