Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BP Toxic Soup - It's Whats For Dinner

In case you missed it, ABC went underwater with Cousteau Jr, to document the results of the toxins that BP dumped into the water. While it may be breaking up the oil, now these particles will remain in the ocean for an unknown length of time, harming marine life and people who consume the fish that were exposed to the toxins. BP's actions cannot be reversed, and the harm that has been caused by these toxins may not be known for a very long time.

Please watch this video and pass it along.

The divers wore special Hazmat suits (hazard materials), and still needed to be hosed down after surfacing, to remove the contaminants from the suits. So, how safe is it really?

The ocean current naturally flows up the eastern coast. Will it contaminate everything in it's path? Is it safe to swim in the ocean this summer in only a bathing suit? Or do swimmers need Hazmat suits like these divers?

While the ocean is vast, what will be the concentration of the toxins as it spreads across the planet?

Until these questions are answered by qualified scientists, I would say to think twice before eating fish for dinner, and definitely don't go swimming afterwards.

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