Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gag Order to Silence Bloggers

The word "liberal" would imply freedom but it has been hijacked. The statists calling themselves "liberals" as if they believe in freedom is a outright contradiction. Every ideology they have and every action they take is just the opposite.

The statists are constantly creating bills with names that imply that they are good for the people, but they are also a contradiction.

Bills that come to mind are the GIVE act, which actually would inflict enslavement and servitude upon citizens by creating the civilian national army of Obama's dreams.

The Freedom of Choice Act (known as card check), is actually stealing freedom from voters to vote their choice anonymously without being subjected to intimidation, duress, or worse as is the case in oppressed regimes.

The Food Modernization Act sounds like it would be ensuring you get healthy foods, but it mandates pesticides in your food, severely restricts organic farming, and mandates genetically engineered seeds which will not germinate and are loaded with chemicals.

None of these bills are good for the people. Nor do they make us more free. But the statists give them good names to fool the masses.

Now the statists have a new one up their sleeve, namely the DISCLOSE act.
"We’ll be following all the liberty-grabbing provisions of the DISCLOSE Act as it moves through Congress, but in the meantime you need to know about the one provision that is a direct attack on bloggers."

This act seeks to deprive bloggers of their constitutional rights of free speech and free press. The bill's name is a contradiction that is absolutely ridiculous, as the word "disclose" is to supply information, not suppress it.

So why go after the lone bloggers of the world? Do we have that much impact in the virtual world, so as to pose a threat to the government? I certainly hope so, and if not, then we should strive to do so. Someone has to keep the government from morphing into an oppressive regime.

Bloggers, are the untamed beast of the virtual world that the government cannot control. So of course it makes sense that the government would want to make every attempt to control any flow of information and opinion that may contradict it's own propaganda.

Even if the government does not agree with what bloggers say, we have a right to say it.

If the pen is in fact mightier than the sword, then we pose a great threat indeed to the budding oppressive regime in the current administration. May the bloggers of the world impair the statists ability to grow beyond it's infancy. In fact, may the bloggers of the world cause the statist to self-abort their own mission, and may the truth set us free once again.

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