Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obama - In Danger All the Way to Kalamazoo

It seems the HR department at the White House might consider writing up a job description for this president. While many presidents have spoken at various functions, Obama seems more focused on his PR tour promoting his narcissistic self-admiration than actually acting on his real responsibilities of the presidency.

North Korea is about to launch world war three with South Korea. Iran is close to having nuclear weapons and looking to erase Israel and most of the non-muslim world from the map. Russia is engaging in activities that look like they want to once again be a feared power and bring back more than the cold war. Greece, Spain, and Portugal economies are collapsing under their own weight along with the Euro from the socialist spending for decades. The US is in two wars, has severe national security threats, and is also on the verge of an economic collapse with out of control spending and unemployment at 22%.

The DHS and Obama attacked Arizona for looking to secure their border with Mexico. Illegal aliens that are terrorists are crossing over the border in droves.

The list of dire problems facing the US today are endless, and yet what does the president do? The president is spending time to speak at some high school in Kalamazoo.

Not only is Obama going to speak at the high school, but it seems that the high school students are getting more screening and background checks than those who pose a real threat to the nation.

Obama shook hands with Chavez and Ahmadinejad. Where was the screening for those dangerous men? Does Obama feel safer amongst these dangerous men, these dictators, these leaders of oppressive regimes, those of his own kind?

And what about each of the eight guests that these students will have at their graduation? Will they also undergo a security clearance check by the secret service?

Does Obama feel that the citizens of the nation for which he is supposed to represent and protect are more of a threat to him than our real enemies?

If it were reversed, and Obama were screened by the secret service, I bet they wouldn't even clear him to meet with these citizens.

Rhetoric aside, actions speak louder than words and Obama's actions speak for themselves. He places the nation in danger every day with his actions. The nation is not safe with Obama as president.

The message in between the lines is startling. Obama is more concerned for his safety amongst the average citizen. That should tell us all something about who this man really is and it isn't comforting.

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