Saturday, July 17, 2010

STARK Raving Mad Democrats

I came across two videos of Pete Stark, a democrat from California. His behavior and attitude is insulting to the average American. Who are the people that keep electing this clueless elitist arrogant idiot?

In this video, Stark is not only arrogant and rude, but demonstrates his clear lack of understanding of basic economics. I don't care what university this man attended or what degrees he claims he has, debt never has been and never will be an indicator of wealth. Basic economics of wealth are represented by the NET worth, meaning the net value of assets, meaning the value after deducting the amount of debt. Being that the democrats are the poster child for economic illiteracy and don't understand this, Stark along with all democrats are not qualified to render an opinion on so much as a lemonade stand, and should not be part of any economic decisions for the nation. Their decisions explain our trillions of dollars in national debt and the nation's economic crisis.

This video is the epitome of Stark's idiocy on the government's obligation to secure the borders in the matter of national security.

Stark's blatant cluelessness on more than one issue demonstrates his inability to perceive reality and truth. I believe Stark is raving mad, as in insane, and along with all democrats who share his alternate reality, they should be removed from office and placed under medical supervision.


  1. Where do these people come from? We need to eradicate these idiots from our society!