Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday, a rally was held by NY ICE in support of Arizona's SB1070 to counter the rally held by La Raza (the racists) who were protesting against the bill and supporting illegal immigrants.

It was the law vs. the outlaws.

As I approached the rally area, there was a vendor selling Mexican flags. We inquired if they had American flags, which they then produced from the bottom of the cart where they remained hidden. La Raza had a couple of hundred protesters, all carrying the Mexican flag. It was disgraceful.

There were news reporters there. They were asking ridiculous questions such as:
Q: Since when did it become illegal to be an undocumented worker?
A: Um, that would be always.
Q: Why is everyone focusing on what illegals cost us?
A: Because the government website estimates it to be almost a trillion dollars a year footed by taxpayers.
Q: But don't you know that they pay taxes?
A: They don't pay taxes. They don't have social security numbers. Included in the trillion is $401 billion a year in unpaid taxes from money they earn off the books here.
Q: So you think it is ok for the law to have racial profiling?
A: The law specifically prohibits that. Read the bill.
Q: No, it is in there.
A: No, it isn't. The people who alleged it to be in there later admitted that they said that without having read the bill. If you read the bill then you would know that.
Q: You don't think it is racial profiling to ask someone to show their papers?
A: I have to show ID to get a drivers license, apply for a passport, apply for a job, enter a building in NYC, etc. If they commit a crime, they should have to show papers. It is not anything anyone else wouldn't have to do. It is not profiling.
Q: So why are you even here, since Arizona is so far away and doesn't even affect us?
A: Are you serious? There are a million illegal aliens infiltrating the country every year. Of that, there are about 700,000 that are from the 14 countries on the terrorist watch list. This is from the government's statistics. This isn't just Mexicans. Do you think they all just stay in Arizona or Texas? They are here and everywhere. The nation's security is important to all of us no matter where you live.
Q: So why are you against immigration? Are you an immigrant or was your family immigrants?
A. I am not against legal immigration. I respect those that apply for citizenship and want to come here legally for the opportunity and a better way of life. That is the American dream and what America is all about, being the land of opportunity. America welcomes those immigrants, but does not welcome criminals. My grandparents were immigrants. They came here with nothing, but they came here legally. They didn't sneak in here in the middle of the night. They came here to work, for the opportunity, not for a free handout.
Q: What do you think of the judge's decision? Are you disappointed?
A: The judge did not honor her oath to uphold the Constitution. Federal law doesn't trump the states. The federal government only has the power delegated to it from the states, and the people. Read the 10th amendment and the Constitution.
Q: So what do you think should happen if they are caught?
A: Send them back.
Q: Why are you criminalizing them?
A: They are breaking into the country. That is a crime.
Q: But we have all this land here and property.
A: Land isn't free. Property isn't free. It needs to be purchased.
Q: What do you think of the government officials trying to help them?
A: They are violating their oath of office, to represent the people. They were elected by American citizens. They were not elected to represent citizens of the world. They should be doing their jobs, and represent the American citizens who elected them. We have 26 million people unemployed. They should be doing their job to help them, not spending time and taxpayers' money on illegal aliens.

As for the rally itself, the NY ICE protesters were cornered in barricades like cattle, while the outlaws were allowed to roam free. I stepped out to get some photos, and a plain clothes man in a suit, assumed to be security, told me that I "had to get back in the pen". Apparently, the right to peaceably assemble applies to outlaws now, and is restricted for American citizens.

Here are some pictures.

A new twist on the Arizona state flag.

The NY ICE patriots penned in like cattle.

The outlaws roaming free, with a barricade to provide an extra border protecting them from the law abiding patriots.

NY cops focus their attention watching the outlaws. I guess the patriots were not their concern for breaking any laws.

One of the outlaws was sporting a t-shirt with a hammer and sickle on it.

The La Raza clean up crew cleaned up the debris and litter left by the outlaws, and by my count, filled three hefty sized garbage bags.

The NY ICE "pen" was clean and did not require any clean up. No surprise there.

So, after the outlaws littered and yelled for a couple of hours favoring filling the country with criminals, they left. It must have been time for them to go collect their free food, housing vouchers, welfare, social security checks, and all the other freebies they steal off the backs of the American taxpayer. It is Obama's dream come true to redistribute the wealth of American taxpayers to those who didn't earn it. Obama's dream has snuffed out the American dream. Tis a sad day indeed.

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